Every New UKG Dimensions Administrator Needs This

New Admin Page

If you’re a new administrator for UKG Dimensions™, you must know about the latest UKG Kronos Community page designed to make your life easier! Allow me to introduce the UKG Dimensions New Administrator Resources page. It’s your one-stop shop for five resources that will help you find your footing as a new administrator for UKG Dimensions. 

I’ll say no more. Here is the link! UKG Dimensions New Administrator Resources. Read on for more details about what the page includes, and scroll to find additional advice for administrators. 



New Admin Page

Resources for new administrators

Simplify your first few weeks on the job with the five essential resources on the UKG Dimensions New Administrator Resources page: 

  1. The Starter Checklist for a New UKG Dimensions Administrator: View this handy checklist for the information you need in order to master and run the solution effectively.
  2. Trust Site Resources: Find everything you need to know about the UKG Dimensions Trust Site and subscribing to Trust Site communications.
  3. UKG KnowledgeMap Live: Log in to your online education portal to access learning content and training courses anytime. 
  4. Release Readiness: Get information and resources so you can prepare for the latest UKG Dimensions release.
  5. Stay Engaged Guide: Learn how to stay connected and discover opportunities for engaging with UKG. 

Trust me. These resources are truly the fab five. So, please don’t wait! Log in to UKG Kronos Community to get your hands on them. Then make sure to bookmark the New Administrator Resources page so it’s always right in your browser when you need it.

View UKG Dimensions New Administrator Resources

Important note! You must log in to UKG Kronos Community to access many of the resources on the page. If you aren’t a Community member yet, you can register with your solution ID. Contact our wonderfully amazing Community team at [email protected] if you need help or don’t know your solution ID.

Additional advice for administrators

Community Support Manager Mahren Mahilrajan offers some excellent advice for new administrators. Before joining UKG, Mahren was a customer just like you. Here he provides a few tips that he’s learned from his experience at both vantage points!

  • Learn the lingo: If you’re new to UKG Dimensions, your eyes and ears will likely come across many unfamiliar terms during meetings and in emails. The quicker you add them to your vocabulary, the better off you’ll be. Check out this glossary of standard UKG Dimensions terms
  • Identify the cadence of your responsibilities: Thinking about the tasks you must complete daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually will help you stay organized in the long term. Check out a few typical ongoing responsibilities and how you can learn more about them. 

TaskLearn more

Monitoring the cloud serviceView this article in Community on monitoring cloud service 

ReleasesView Release Readiness in Community

RenewalsContact your Customer Renewal Representative for guidance about the process and best practices

Data retentionSearch for “Data Retention” in Online Help

Scheduled eventsSearch for “Scheduled Event” in Online Help

Holiday tablesSearch for “Holiday Tables” in Online Help

  • Know your resources: There are tons of helpful resources available to help you be the best UKG Dimensions administrator you can be. The Starter Checklist, number one on the New Administrator Resources page, introduces what’s out there. Don’t gloss over this one!

Questions or comments? Join the UKG Dimensions WFM or UKG Dimensions HCM product discussion groups to keep up with all things UKG Dimensions and connect with peers and product experts.