Ease your workload of the employment verification process with EmpInfo

Verification of employment

Here is a scenario that you may be familiar with. It’s a Monday morning, and your local car dealership held a massive sale over the weekend. You logged into your email and have 12 new verification requests from employees who financed their new vehicles. Now you’re spending the first few hours of your day tracking down their information one by one to respond back to the requester, on top of the several new hires you need to enter into the system.  

OK, I may have exaggerated a little, but I’m sure there have been times when your employment verifications have bogged you down. Between verifications for vehicle purchases, home financing and rentals, obtaining insurance, educational loan forgiveness, employment history for future employers, work visa issuing, and more, processing these reports and follow-ups can be very time-consuming. And your employees are relying on you to provide the information promptly. So what if I told you that we may have a solution that will benefit both you and your employees?  

Well, it is my pleasure to introduce you to a new verification service provided by our Marketplace partner, EmpInfo! EmpInfo is a new Marketplace feature that automates your employee and income verification process. For U.S. customers that have HR enabled in their UKG Ready® or UKG Dimensions® HCM solution, you can take advantage of this feature. Oh, and the best part? It is a free service! Let me take you through the benefits and process of enabling this new time-saving feature. 

The Benefits

Mitigate Risk and Save Operational Cost – EmpInfo helps mitigate financial and compliance risks and minimizes corporate liability. Additionally, it helps eliminate administrative burden, saving you time and operational costs.

Eliminate Backlog and Standardize Processes –  EmpInfo helps eliminate the backlog of requests and eases the pressure for HR and Payroll personnel, allowing them to focus on their tasks. 

Ensure Security and Privacy –  EmpInfo pioneered a new level of security to protect your employee’s privacy and data through role-based access controls, high-grade SSL encryption on transit, and 256-bit AES encryption at rest and AWS infrastructure that is SOC2 Type2 certified. Important note: EmpInfo does not store your employee data.

Integrate Seamlessly with UKG Ready –  EmpInfo has built an interface with UKG Ready, which enables customers to be up and running quickly.

The Setup

Customers can install the EmpInfo feature from the Marketplace in their UKG Ready or UKG Dimensions HCM solution (pathways below). If you have the HR and Payroll modules enabled, you can skip the install step – it’s been done for you! After installation, you’ll need to fill in some company and contact information. From the Installed tab, find EmpInfo and click on the edit pencil button. On the settings page, you’ll need to accept the Terms & Conditions and find the Step 2: Company & Contact Settings box to complete the required fields. As soon as you hit save, the enrollment process takes place with EmpInfo. The EmpInfo team will reach out to you with a welcome email to get the configuration process started.

An additional mapping step is optional. This step will allow your account statuses and earnings codes to be mapped to EmpInfo codes. The benefit of mapping is that those account statuses and earning codes will not be left up to interpretation and will appear accurate on the requests. To map your codes, you will work with the EmpInfo team to ensure proper configurations are put in place.


UKG Ready: Admin > Marketplace > Marketplace Setup > search for EmpInfo

UKG Dimensions: Administration > HCM Setup > Marketplace > Marketplace Setup > search for EmpInfo

Once installed, you can access the feature from the Installed tab in the Marketplace Setup.

How It Works

Once everything is installed, configured, and ready to go, the verification process can begin. Your employees can easily get Verification of Employment (VOE) and Verification of Income (VOI) requests completed. The employee will let the verifier know to contact EmpInfo to get the information they need. The verifier will then reach out to EmpInfo, and in this process, EmpInfo requests the employee’s consent via email or text. EmpInfo will then extract the data needed from UKG, create a report, and share that with the verifier. The verification process can happen at any time through 24/7 self-service.


The automation process makes things easier for you. This hopefully means no more backlog or 5-7 business day turnaround for you. You can think less about employment verifications and spend more time on critical day-to-day tasks. Oh, and did I mention that it is free? I did… So, take advantage of the new service today!