This Draft Week, We’re Celebrating Recruiters: The Whole Team Counts on You!

Draft Week at Work

Hey, Recruiters: It’s Draft Week! And you know what that means. For a few days each year, the whole country is captivated by something you’ve known all along: Finding the perfect person to join your team is hard work. We’ve prepared a special football-themed surprise that we’re delivering directly to your inboxes to celebrate all you do. But as any recruiter worth their weight can tell you, it’s not all about the perks and benefits. 

It’s also about culture fit and future forecasting and creating opportunities for growth — the most important of which begins with you. That’s why we’ve compiled some resources and training here for recruiters who rely on our UKG Pro, UKG Ready, and UKG Dimensions HCM™ solutions to support their organizations. You’re the foundation of your teams, and we’re here to help you be a strong one. Please note: If you’re not logged in to the UKG® Ultimate or UKG® Kronos communities, you may be asked to enter your credentials when accessing the following links.

Draft Week at Work


The Basics
Are you new to the UKG Pro Recruiting product and looking for a way to get up to speed quickly? Or are you a longtime user just looking to refresh or hone your skills? Our Recruiting Overview course will walk you through each step in the Opportunity Lifecyle process, covering how to create, approve, and post opportunities; review applications; set up dashboards and reports; and so much more. 

News and Release Readiness
Our Recruiting solution is updated regularly to bring you new functionality that makes it more intuitive for you to solicit candidates to fill your open positions, allowing you to turn applicants into new hires more effectively. The What’s New page was designed to keep you abreast of all the changes and to provide valuable resources to help you make the most out of the features available to you. Be sure to bookmark it and revisit it often.

Configuration and Personalization
Sure, we created our Recruiting solution for recruiters. But, more specifically, we created it for you — which means we built it with the flexibility to support you in the way you want to work. Check out the Working with Settings resource page to help you configure your system in the way that most makes sense for your organization and the candidate experience you’re looking to foster. Here, you’ll find information on how to display accessibility messaging, manage integrations, and create email templates, among other topics.

Reporting and Compliance
We have a number of delivered reports available via your Recruiting and UKG Pro People Analytics solutions to assist you in both staying informed about the status of your organization’s workforce and keeping on top of vital federal compliance. Data compiled via the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Metrics and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Veterans and Disability reports is readily available on the Reports page in Recruiting. Want to answer questions like “How many of your applicants come from a specific source?” or “How long does it take to fill each Opportunity?” You can build custom reports in People Analytics to do just that.


Recruiting Workspace
As a recruiter, you are constantly in a fast-paced mindset. You post your job requisitions quickly to get the best candidates. You need an easy way to keep your applications organized and in an easy-to-access place. Then when you’re ready to move forward with your selected candidate, you move quickly through the preboarding process to prepare them for their first day. Our Recruiting Workspace will be the playbook you’re looking for! The Recruiting Workspace offers a single location to view job requisitions and applications as well as take actions such as scheduling interviews, sending offer letters, and communicating with applicants. 

Recruiting Learning Journeys
Whether you are a new recruiter using UKG Ready or a seasoned vet, there are always new things to learn to help you enhance your recruiting processes. The Learning Center offers two learning journeys tailored to the Recruitment functionality. Starting with the Recruitment Onboarding Learning Journey, explore the basics of the Recruitment module, from constructing a job requisition and building a job application to configuring communications and setting up the Quick Apply feature. For seasoned recruitment administrators, or if you’re looking for a refresher on some features, the new Recruitment Ongoing Learning Journey is right for you. Learn about the additional features the Recruitment module offers and how to configure them. Using items such as hiring stages, offer letters, knockout questions, questionnaires, and more can streamline your recruiting process. You can access your learning journeys in the Learning Center by logging into UKG Ready and navigating to My Info> Help> Learning Center.

Release Readiness
As we continue to innovate and push the needle on the recruiting experience, you’ll want to stay in the know! Keep up with all the new enhancements through our release content. From quick-bite spotlights on enhancements to where you can find dates and important messages, we’ll prepare you for new recruitment enhancements on our Release Readiness page in the UKG Kronos Community. The readyConnect panel is also a great tool to access your release content right inside the UKG Ready solution! You can find the release information under your My Topics


Recruiting Basics for Dimensions HCM
Chock yourself full of knowledge using the UKG KnowledgeMap™ Learning site. Here you will find a great place to start using the self-paced courses Migration Essentials Getting Started w/ Recruitment and Migration Essentials Tasks & Outcomes Recruitment. These courses will prepare you for the instructor-led training for Dimensions HCM Recruiting. This UKG KnowledgeMap LiveTM course will walk you through the concepts and tasks necessary for the Recruitment administrator, including configuring the applicant tracking system, job requisitions, and hiring manager workflows. There are additional courses available that can help enhance your knowledge. To view or register for courses or events, log in to KnowledgeMap Live and then select Find Learning. Set the Product Filter to HCM Recruiting, select the course title, and then click Go to Course. These courses will make you feel like you’re ready to conquer the recruiting system.

Spend a Day in the Life of …
You spend your day as a recruiter and know what that means day in and day out, but sometimes you wonder what your recruiting counterparts’ tasks look like? In your KnowledgeMap Live account, explore a three-part Recruitment Series to help you see the Recruiting used in different ways based on different personas. First up, A Day in the Life of a Recruiter, where you will learn what tools are available to help streamline recruiting tasks. Next, dive into the process of streamlining the candidate interactions, data collection, and other hiring manager tasks in A Day in the Life of a Hiring Manager. Lastly, take a shift to the other side of recruiting in A Day in the Life of an Applicant, where you can understand how your applicants interact with your processes. The series brings a well-rounded perspective on all aspects of your recruiting processes.

Prepare for New Releases
Recruitment is an integral part of your HCM strategy. Be sure to bookmark the Dimensions HCM Release Readiness page to stay up to date with all of the release readiness content. The page will provide you with important highlights and get you excited about new enhancements. You can view the spotlight videos, dive into Release Highlights, and get easy access to your release notes.