Dive into Four New Employee Pay Features

Diving into water

It’s the time of year for sun, swim, and sand, but it’s also always a great time to simplify your processes. That’s why we've updated your UKG Pro® Employee Pay solution with four new features that will help you efficiently run reports, self-serve, and save time. Let’s dive in to learn how you can take advantage of these enhancements.

New Employee Pay Payment report

Gain visibility into pay details with a new Employee Pay Payment report (under Menu > Administration > Reporting > Standard Reports) in your UKG Pro solution. This report contains real-time status details about payments related to a payroll and includes pay date and much more. 

Note: This report will only be available once a payroll has been closed for a pay group and payments have been created in the system. Historical data prior to April 5, 2023, will not be available.

Improved search capabilities

Save time by easily researching your unknown debits and credits with new self-service capabilities. You’ll also be able to run Employee Pay reports in your UKG Pro solution by pay date and different status of pays. 

Stale dated check data

Stay on top of your check data using this new enhancement. Administrators can quickly see and export data on upcoming stale dated checks in the Payment Services Gateway (under Administration > Payroll Processing > Payment Services > Employee Pay > View Stale Dated Checks) so you can decide the best next steps for your organization.  

Stop payment confirmation email

Find out the outcome of a direct deposit stop payment request with a confirmation email. With this capability, you’ll receive an email confirming the successful or unsuccessful reversal of an employee’s payment, ensuring you never miss an important transaction.

Employee Pay alerts

An improved alerts experience can be found within the Payment Services Gateway in your UKG Pro solution. Once activated, you’ll be able to view the number of alerts that require acknowledgment with a clear description, any required action, payment status, and more, directly in the new Employee Pay Alerts section of your Payment Services Dashboard. 

Important! Role administration (under Menu > System Configuration > Security > Role Administration) for the Payment Services Gateway and the Employee Pay page must be enabled to view new alerts and data.

Float your way into these new features and start taking advantage of them today. For more information, read our Manage Employee Pay job aid in the UKG Community™ Library.