Dimensions Report Rundown

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In today’s data-driven world, we consume massive quantities of data on a day-to-day basis. Whether we’re analyzing, calculating, or reporting, data is one of the most valuable business components that drive well-informed decisions. Data makes our world go round — it’s the crux of helping us assess and validate the inner workings of business performance. 

As a UKG Dimensions® solution user, we know how important it is for you to funnel employee data into reports that will help you manage your workforce more efficiently. Fortunately, your Dimensions solution comes packed with features that were designed with you in mind. Accompanying the array of features is a range of reports that are readily available for you to run and analyze. From timekeeping to audit reports, there’s a variety of reports waiting to help you conduct business smoothly! But where do you start your reporting journey? Below, check out the rundown on four popular reports that our customers use to better understand their employees and their workforce.    

The Fantastic Four Reports  

With more than 100 reports to choose from, you might not be sure where to even begin. But don’t fret; we’ve got four popular report recommendations to kick off your Dimensions data journey. Let’s dive in!  

Exceptions Report  

The Exceptions report displays exceptions and comments attached to the start or end of a shift, break, or meal as well as absences for each employee in the specified time period. This report allows you to create a missing punch report by selecting the “missed-in” and “missed-out” punch exception. Similarly, you can also develop a tardy report by selecting the “late in” exception. Report contents also include employee information as well as employee comments. Learn more about the Exceptions report here. (New to Exceptions? Here’s a resource that gives an overview of the different types and how to configure them.)  

Function Access Profile Report  

Tired of the painful searching process to see the level of access users have to the software? The Function Access Profile (FAP) report is here to bring some relief by detailing the access rights and control points configured in a FAP. Administrators can quickly and efficiently review the configuration of a FAP to ensure it provides users with the right access privileges for their role. Here’s a guide on how to run the FAP Access report, with a report example at the bottom of the page. (Need to configure Function Access Profiles? Click here to learn how to set up FAPs.)  

Location Schedule – Weekly Report  

When you have multiple business locations and employees around the globe, it can be cumbersome to keep track of everyone’s schedule. But with the Location Schedule – Weekly report, you can view all the people who are scheduled to work and their scheduled shifts in a selected location. This report will show the weekly schedule for a single department or location, so you can skip any screen toggling that you’re used to, because this data will generate in a single spreadsheet. Learn how to run the Location Schedule – Weekly report here. (Looking for a monthly version of this report for a long-term view? We can help with that! Click here to learn how to run a Location Schedule – Monthly report.)  

Accrual Detail Report  

The Accrual Detail report shows an employee’s accrual transaction details for the selected time period. Think of it as an audit trail of what actions impact your employee’s accrual balance, especially for those with calculated accruals. Even without calculated accruals, the Accrual Detail report will still show how and when accrual balances are being impacted. Interested in running this report? Here’s a how-to article to help you get started.  


Whether you’ve run 100 reports or are still getting your feet wet in the reporting world, we hope you take advantage of the robust reporting capabilities Dimensions has to offer. The four reports we highlighted are just the tip of the “reporting iceberg”! If you have a question about an existing report or want to know if a certain one exists, visit the UKG Kronos Community. There are thousands of customers collaborating and sharing reporting tips and tricks in the Dimensions WFM discussion group every day. Stay tuned for the next Dimensions Report Rundown!