Customer Success Starts with a Plan

Customer Success

Let’s face it. At this time of the year, we are all ready for a fresh start. The Workforce Institute’s #1 workplace prediction for 2021 is The Great Reset: Work will be (re)shaped in real time as organizations decide which pandemic-era practices stay and go. What a better time than now to evaluate your workforce priorities and make sure they are aligned for the year ahead?


Customer Success


More than ever, it is imperative to have a Success Plan. Without a plan, we are blindly marching ahead. What’s the first step? I’ll give you all three steps. 

Creating a Success Plan

  1. Define success: An effective plan begins with a clear definition of success. But how do you define success? There are best practices by industry, but success should also be tailored to your organization. Surveying stakeholders, analyzing the current state, and reflecting on the mission/vision are great ways to start. These will result in an abundance of data for consideration.
  2. Determine your list of activities: Once you have collected data and feedback and defined what success looks like for you, the next step is to develop, outline, and prioritize activities necessary to achieve success. Chart the roadmap for both the short term and the future state. This is important to ensure all activities are included and aligned effectively and that there are no conflicts or competing efforts. A success plan is realized only when every effort has been put forth to make sure it is comprehensive and complete.
  3. Align with other technology projects: Additionally, in many industries, the pandemic initiated a transformation in technology. One thing we know is that many organizations will be updating software and other systems — or maybe you’ve already started. These important projects will also need to be woven into the success plan so that they complement rather than compromise each other. Because of this, it is important to include your information technology staff as a part of your success team.

Working with Customer Success

At UKG, our Customer Success mission is to enable customers to optimize their workforce by knowing, leading, connecting, and empowering them to transform their employees into their greatest assets. Our primary tool to ensure our mission is a tailored Success Plan established for your goals and objectives. We can help guide you through the steps outlined above and assist you in creating a success plan for your organization.

So how can you reach us? If you have a named customer success manager, feel free to reach out to ensure you have all the information you need. If you do not have a named customer success manager but have access to a team of customer success managers, please post in the appropriate product-specific Customer Success group in the UKG Kronos Community: 

•    WFC Circle Success
•    WFD Circle Success
•    WFR Circle Success

In 2020, the global pandemic disrupted the workforce and forced us to adapt in the short term. But we’re in a different place now, and we have learned things must be different in the long term as well. The future of work is demanding that we reimagine how we operate and what is important in operations. Let’s commit and start the year off with a good plan!