Connecting with UKG Ready through Digital Events and Webinars

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If you’re a UKG Ready® administrator, chances are you’ve attended one or more webinars or digital events this year, but did you know that not all webinars are the same? Throughout the several webinar offerings, you may recognize that we take different approaches to provide key information to you. We hold everything from thought leadership webinars that help you think about your processes in a new light to deep dives into the UKG Ready solution. Let’s take a deeper look at what you can expect from each program.

The Experience Expert

The Experience Expert is a program driven to help HR professionals think more strategically and proactively about their day-to-day processes. This program is not only delivered through webinars but also podcasts, blogs, and more. During the sessions, we invite subject matter experts to talk about experiences and provide thoughts around the different HR processes, such as performance, benefits, compliance, data and metrics, and more! Our experts gear the conversation through thought leadership conversations and sprinkle in how to accomplish these topics using the UKG Ready solution.

Key benefit of attending these webinars: Gain a deeper understanding of how your processes can be influenced through thought leadership and proactive thinking

Recent Experience Expert webinars:

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Want to learn how to stay on track with your UKG Ready solution? The Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Staying the Course program is your in! Tips, Tricks, and Techniques provides customers with, you guessed it – tips and tricks on how to use your solution to the fullest. These webinars cover hot topics to help you maximize your system using personalization, automation, and more. Recent topics you may have attended webinars for include the new dashboard experience, Compensation Benchmark, and ACA.

Key benefit of attending these webinars: Gain tips and tricks on maximizing and adopting your UKG Ready solution

Recent Tips, Tricks, and Techniques webinars:

Learning Knowledge Hour Webinars

Knowledge Hours occur regularly and provide an opportunity to reinforce product and feature knowledge. The topics are often selected based on feedback from product or support teams, feedback from other webinars, or suggestions made by you, our customers, in the UKG Community. These webinars are also leveraged to supplement the formal product hands-on training. They’ll really help you dive into your processes and the product. 

Key benefit of attending these webinars: Includes topics and content support you at key times of the year such as quarter-end, open enrollment, year-end, and new feature releases.

Recent Learning webinars:

Inside Innovation

The Inside Innovation series allows you a peek into new functionality and innovations that can help you enhance your people's day-to-day. Our Product Marketing and Product Management teams cover enhancements that you may have missed, items on the UKG Ready roadmap that may be released in the short-term, and what’s to come for the future of UKG Ready at a high level. This series helps you stay on top of features that can help optimize your system in between our two main customer events – the Huddle and Aspire. It’s important to note that these webinars are not meant to be trainings or provide a deep dive into the features presented, but are intended to provide visibility into the exciting new features that are part of the UKG Ready product roadmap.

Key benefit of attending these webinars: Keep up with the latest and greatest enhancements and hear what’s to come

Most recent Inside Innovation webinar:

UKG Huddle

An honorable mention to include on this list is our UKG Huddle event. This one-day event provides a virtual aspect that will help immerse you into a fun and engaging theme while you dive deep into the product through hour-long sessions. The UKG Huddle is a free event for customers and geared towards providing you with tips and tricks as well as networking with other customers. And don’t worry if you missed this year’s event; all sessions and content will be available for a year!

Key benefit of attending this event: It’s a free event that allows you to connect and network with customers, UKG presenters, and subject matter experts. 

Most recent UKG Huddle event:

How to Stay in the Know About Upcoming Webinars

With the new UKG Community launch in May, you may have noticed a new feature available that was not in the former UKG Kronos Community – the Events page. The Events page provides a calendar of our customer webinars and digital events. You can easily search and filter by the UKG Ready solution. Additional filtering options include selecting the date range, event themes, and event types, such as upcoming webinars, in-person events, and on-demand recordings. This page is a great one-stop shop for all your webinar needs, so be sure to check it out today!