Congratulations to the 2021 Award-Winning Insiders!

Insider Winners

UKG Insiders is our customer fan club. One of our favorite ways to recognize Insiders for all they do throughout the year is through our annual Insider Awards.

This year, we are pleased to recognize 20 Insiders for going above and beyond by sharing their perspectives, connecting with experts and peers, and amplifying their stories. It’s your voices that other customers want to hear — so THANK YOU! 

Insider of the Year

The Insider of the Year stands out from the pack in the depth and breadth of their engagement with UKG and our customers, current and future. Congratulations to Marky Payne, Vancity. 

Esteemed Advisor

Esteemed Advisors help shape the UKG experience by participating in feedback sessions, interviews, and more. Congratulations to our 5 Esteemed Advisors!

  • Braxton Tullos, City of Oxford
  • Brian Goff, Sun Prairie Police
  • Chad Leavell, Community Systems
  • Reagan Cunningham, Clearwater Paper
  • Sylvia Foust, North Ottawa Community Hospital

Knowledge Knockout

Centers of excellence in their own right, our Knowledge Knockouts share their expertise far and wide in UKG Kronos Community as well as 1:1 with future customers on reference calls. Congratulations to Kalyn Joyce, Magellan Midstream holdings, and Lisa Leslie, Hydro-Gear!

Rising Star

In their first year as Insiders, our Rising Stars jumped in with both feet, telling their story in a variety of ways: reference calls, engaging with industry analysts, participating in feedback sessions, and even nominating their peers! Congratulations to our Rising Star Winners!

  • Brandon Valdez, Sevan Multi-Site Solutions
  • Carl Schleyer, Encore Group LLC
  • Claire McSorley, Acuren 
  • Renee Gibson, The Iowa Clinic
  • Stephen Fuller, City of Oklahoma City
  • Tom McDonnell, Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative

Reference Royalty

Reference Royalty shared their expert perspectives 1:1 with future customers hundreds of times during the past year via reference calls and site visits. We are so grateful for every conversation they took part in. Congratulations to our royal court!

  • Christina Goins, Process Barron
  • Doug Himmelein, Holland Home
  • Gregg Paulk, Anderson Center for Autism
  • Jack Klott, Independent Bank
  • Kathryn Poslusny, The Biltmore Company
  • Sean Waite, University of IL
  • Steve Wilson, MarketSource

Congratulations to each and every one of our Insiders who went above and beyond this past year. Thank you for your partnership and collaboration. We look forward to a time when we can celebrate with all of you again in person.

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