The Company Hub — A Secret Recipe for Success

Company Hub

During our UKG Huddle last month, the company hub was one of the most talked about features. Many of our customers could not wait to go get their hands on this functionality. I think it’s safe to say that the company hub is an amazing new tool that should not go unused! I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry, the company hub is available to all UKG Ready™ customers for no additional charge. Read below and discover our secret recipe for successfully leveraging the company hub.

Company Hub

1. A dash of knowledge — understand the basics  

In order to properly utilize the company hub, you first must understand what this feature entails. The company hub is an intranet within your dashboard experience. It’s designed to be a one-stop shop for your employees to keep up to date on things such as company standards, organizational announcements, company culture, etc. 

The company hub allows your organization’s admins to design a corporate communication-based experience directly from your UKG Ready solution. Admins can create a generic-based experience or tailor content to specific programs your organization may be running. The company hub is controlled solely by your organization’s admins. End-users cannot add, edit, or share. 

2. A splash of new resources — leverage the new tab library

In our latest release, we introduced the dashboard tab library. The dashboard tab library is a centralized location where admins can now see and manage all existing dashboard tabs in one place. In addition to the dashboard tab library, we’ve introduced a company hub tab as well. Users with view, edit, and add permissions in the dashboard profile can now manage the company hub tab. 

To add the tab to the dashboard tab library, navigate to Company Settings > Profiles/Policies > Dashboard Layout > Dashboard Tab Library. Once you are there, select Add New > Company Hub tab in the tab-type drop-down menu.

3. The final key ingredient — use content widgets  

Once you understand the company hub and learn how to leverage the dashboard tab library, the final step to success is to properly build out your own company hub. Currently, admins can build out their hub by leveraging content widgets. Content widgets use an HTML editor. By using these content widgets, admins have the ability to insert text, tables, images, videos, and links, and to share important files such as PDFs and HR policies.

Similar to the dashboard tab library, we also have a content widget library where content widgets can be managed. There is no limit to the number of widgets your organization can create. However, as of right now, the Company Hub allows up to 20 widgets per tab as opposed to the nine widgets allowed in a custom tab. 

And that’s it! For a more in-depth overview of the Company Hub and step-by-step instructions on how to create content, check out these resources below:

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