Coming soon! A new UKG Community – learn what our Community Managers are most excited about


Neighborhoods and communities offer a space for you to thrive. Our team has been hard at work for months designing a unified, UKG Community and we’re getting so close to opening the doors! 

We listened to customers, partners, and U Krewers who rely on the resources our current UKG Ultimate and UKG Kronos communities provide to learn exactly what they wanted in a new UKG Community. We incorporated that feedback as we worked to make this new neighborhood a reality. We can’t wait to show it to you, but until it’s ready, our Community Managers wanted to share with you what they’re most excited about:

“I love that the new UKG Community is for ALL UKG customers, partners, and U Krewers. Having one space provides more opportunities to connect, and to share knowledge, expertise, and lessons learned. It’s especially exciting for customers who are using UKG Dimensions and UKG Pro solutions – all the experts for both products will be in one place! Users will also be able to learn about solutions they don’t own if they’re looking to migrate. We’ll truly be a community dedicated to providing our members with everything they need to make their UKG experience the best it can be!” – Melissa Spinella

“I’m most excited that the UKG Community will have a level of personalization that will allow us to address real-time questions more quickly and accurately. When members move into the new neighborhood, we’ll already know what products they have, and they can easily review them by clicking the My Products tab on the home page. In addition, search results will also display based on the products each member owns, which is something we knew was extremely important when we were creating this new experience. Need to open a support case? Your organization will auto-populate the members who have access to do so. I know these new enhancements will help customers get the most out of our products and services, and maybe make some new friends along the way!” – Monica Shroff

“I think my favorite thing about the new UKG Community is that it pulls together so many key resources our members rely on. After logging in, they’ll be able to find product documentation and release information, connect and collaborate with a large network of peers, and leverage the knowledge and expertise of other customers, partners, and UKG experts, all in one easily accessible location. This will also be where users can submit product and services ideas to keep us innovating together. And of course, when members need a little extra help, our support teams will be there ready to lend a hand. I can’t wait to welcome everyone into our new neighborhood, it’s going to feel familiar with some fresh updates and great improvements, too!” – Hillary Boucher

“In the UKG Community, I'm most excited for customers to be able to search broadly across many resources and easily find the information they need to effectively use our products. UKG has invested greatly in the search technology to provide the best experience and most relevant search results for members. We've also pre-filtered search results based on the products each member works with and provided the option to toggle that filtering off if they’re interested in learning about our other products they don’t currently have.” – Keri Rogers

There are so many aspects of the new UKG Community that we can’t wait to show you, but until then we hope hearing from our Community Managers gives you an exciting preview of the good things to come. We’ll be in touch soon to share all the resources you’ll need before moving day!