Better Together: Leverage Those That Have Succeeded First

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As Dr. Seuss taught us, “We’re all a little weird, and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness.” How many of us can relate to this quote? However, if we’re honest, “mutual weirdness” may generate great friendships and connections, but it does not always translate into great business results. This is where UKG is here to help! 
Our purpose is people™ is not just our motto. We strive to put action behind these words, and just one of the ways we do this is to connect customers with one another to achieve greater outcomes and results. 

Have you ever wondered how another UKG™ customer in your industry measured return on investment (ROI)? Do you need to connect with someone to learn how they approached training at an organization of a similar size? Are you interested in hearing about the adoption of a specific module or feature? 

You’re not alone when it comes to achieving your organization’s UKG solution goals — you can lean on peers who’ve navigated similar situations before. And your UKG contacts can help connect you with customers who have already traveled these paths and can help light the way. 

As you can see from the UKG customer-to-customer connection described below, great results can come from conversations with the right people. 

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City of Santa Barbara and City of Oklahoma sync up

Meet UKG customer the City of Santa Barbara. After being live on UKG Dimensions™ for about six months, the city was ready to better understand how to measure their return on their investment (ROI) via reports. 

So they reached out to customer success manager Zachery Harrison. Through his vast channels of UKG networks, Zachery was able to find a perfect match, based on industry and size, for Santa Barbara to connect with. Zachery reached out to UKG Dimensions customer Oklahoma City (OKC) to vet and verify the potential of this connection. Being that OKC had more than a year of experience measuring the ROI of their UKG Dimensions purchase, they were indeed the perfect fit. 

During the customer-to-customer call, the City of Santa Barbara developed an extensive understanding of the potential that UKG Dimensions reporting had to offer. OKC was able not only to commiserate on the need to prove ROI, but they were also able to share their knowledge and give insights on their reporting usage that helped Santa Barbara. 

City of Santa Barbara receives actionable insights 

From this connection, the City of Santa Barbara walked away with four HyperFind™ queries, three Dataviews, and a new way to configure the home page of their leadership for daily data insights. With this information, Santa Barbara is now equipped to have more real-time data at their disposal. In addition, these takeaways helped the city gain additional insight into data outside of payroll processing, which was a focus in order to realize ROI.

And now, both customers continue to pay it forward 

However, the results from this connection did not stop there. With the new knowledge they gained, the City of Santa Barbara has gone on to connect with other customers and assist them in developing their business processes. Both Santa Barbara and OKC have also shared their knowledge through contributing quotes to UKG collateral, helping author UKG blog posts, and even planning to speak at upcoming UKG conferences. 

With that in mind, if you are reading this article and thinking, “My colleague would be a fantastic reference for someone working to understand reporting better,” or “I could save someone a lot of time and trouble by avoiding some pitfalls we went through in training,” here’s your opportunity! Please reach out to your UKG contact and make them aware of any topics, modules, or ideas you would love to partner on or to promote to help other customers learn. We are all better when we work together! 


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Zachery is a Customer Success Manager with a focus on knowing, leading, connecting, and empowering our customers to achieve business value using UKG technology. “Throughout my career, I have focused on delivering innovative solutions while ensuring customer satisfaction.” Zachery has more than seven years of cloud-based solutions expertise, mainly in the public sector. His family resides in Indiana, and he enjoys traveling and sports.


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