Beat the Summer Heat With These Six UKG Ready Sweet Enhancement Treats!

August Release

Brad Nycz, UKG Ready™ suite customer success manager and former customer, is back at it. He’s highlighted six enhancements from our upcoming August release that you’re bound to love. Follow along and see how you might use these exciting enhancements to help with your day-to-day responsibilities.

august release

Workforce Management Enhancements 

1. Badge Punch for Mobile 

Sarah works for a healthcare organization that has been encouraging employees to start using the mobile app to punch in and out. Sarah was originally excited to give this new functionality a try; however, she quickly realized she isn’t familiar with her system username and password. So logging in to the mobile app has been challenging and trying to reset her password has been a pain. With this latest enhancement, Sarah can log in using her badge number instead, which is so much easier for her to remember. Now she can use the mobile app and her system admin doesn’t have to worry about resetting her password after she gets locked out!

a. Who will use it? Employees 
b. Where to find it? TLM Release Notes 

2. Attestation for Salaried Employees 

Sarah’s colleague, Kiara, recently became a salaried employee at their healthcare organization. Kiara is ecstatic to have been promoted, but she is worried about how she’ll go through her COVID-19 clearance every day. She used to fill out the organization’s attestation form every time she punched in. Now, with no punch, how is she supposed to complete the clearance form? Well, with this latest enhancement, Kiara and her fellow salaried colleagues can now easily attest to their health conditions and there is no need for a punch to trigger the workflow!

a. Who will use it? Admins and Employees 
b. Where to find it? TLM Release Notes 

3. Time Off Requests 

Sarah and Kiara are planning a trip for early October and want to book their flights now. However, since it’s only August and their work schedule for October isn’t out yet, they cannot submit for time off. This leaves them in a sticky situation. Do they book their flights and hope their time off gets approved when they’re able to submit it? Or do they wait to book their flights until they can submit their time-off requests? With this latest enhancement, they no longer have to decide. Time-off requests can now be submitted regardless of whether a schedule has been generated, allowing employees like Sarah and Kiara to plan out their vacation schedule. 

a. Who will use it? Employees 
b. Where to find it? Scheduler Release Notes 

HCM Enhancements 

1. Export and Print Org Charts 

John and Ward both work in HR. They’ve been wishing they had the ability to export their org chart and bring it with them to meetings for a while now. After posting about it in the Community Ideas group, that functionality is finally being added to their UKG Ready solution with this release. Exporting the org chart makes it easier for their HR team to look at the company’s structure, view open positions, see potential career paths, etc. 

a. Who will use it? Managers and HR 
b. Where to find it? HR Release Notes 

2. Offer Letters 

Ward has been loving the new recruitment workspace that debuted at the beginning of the year. All his tasks are in one place and he doesn’t have to navigate from screen to screen. Overall, the new workspace saves him time and makes his job easier. There is, however, one setback — offer letters. Ward couldn’t add specific tags to offer letters or extend an offer letter through the recruitment workspace. This functionality is being introduced in the August release. Ward can now add the tags he wants and extend an offer directly from the Quick Actions widget in the recruitment workspace. 

a. Who will use it? Recruiters, Managers and HR 
b. Where to find it? HR Release Notes 

3. Succession Planning 

John has recently been promoted and taken over succession planning. He’s incredibly excited to hear that there are several enhancements happening to succession planning in the August release. He’s most excited for the new tree view. The tree view will not only connect employees with their potential succession path, but it will also indicate key employees’ successors. This allows John and his team to have detailed plans around the organization’s succession and highlight key strengths and weaknesses their employees have. 

a. Who will use it? Managers and HR 
b. Where to find it? HR Release Notes 


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