Approach Your Move to Workforce Dimensions with Confidence: Need-to-Know Resources

 Your Move to Workforce Dimensions

The decision to move forward and adopt new technology across your organization is exciting and challenging. If you’re reading this post, I’m willing to bet that you are the kind of person who likes to be prepared. You want to ensure that you are on the best track for a successful transition to your Workforce Dimensions™ suite from Kronos and that you maximize the value of what you’ve purchased — and ultimately increase adoption among employees when it’s all said and done.  

  • How do you know what resources are the most relevant to get employees up to speed?
  • How do you stay updated with information related to the uptime of your Workforce Dimensions solution?
  • What tools can you begin using early in deployment that will help you after going live?

Move to Workforce Dimensions


In addition to the project-focused meetings with your deployment team, there are many tools that you can keep handy in your toolbox. Read on for the must-have resources that will help you approach your go-live date with confidence. Learning to use them now will not only help you through deployment but will also set you up for success after you go live. 

Know these Workforce Dimensions resources 

Getting started: This information in Kronos Community is crucial throughout onboarding and deployment. It’s also helpful to reference again just before going live.

Product resources: Access the Workforce Dimensions Product Resource Center from the main Kronos Community login page and find links to information on training, release readiness, the Trust Site, and more, all in one place. I recommend bookmarking this page for quick access. 

Trust Site — While all the content in the Product Resource Center is noteworthy, I’d like to pick out the Workforce Dimensions Trust Site and expand on it. Your Trust Site is a really important place for you to visit often. It’s a personalized page within Kronos Community that offers insight into the uptime and availability of your Workforce Dimensions solution. The administrators, information technology staff, and operations employees at your organization are likely to reference it the most, but access to the Trust Site is available to any Kronos Community-enabled Workforce Dimensions user. 

Here are some reasons why you or an employee might log in and view the Trust Site: 

  1. Monitoring solution status and availability
  2. Reviewing the maintenance calendar to stay updated on scheduled events
  3. Confirming that you are receiving the right email notifications (incidents, maintenance, announcements) for your role 

Also, please make sure you review the Trust Site resources and familiarize your team with them! Visit the Trust Site Resources page in Kronos Community for the following content:

  • Trust Site tutorial 
  • Trust Site datasheet
  • Trust Sit communications overview

Knowledge base articles for releases: Follow these key articles in Kronos Community — Workforce Dimensions Release Notes, HCM Release Notes, and Payroll Legislative Updates — for alerts in your Community feed when new details are added. 

Education and training: Kronos KnowledgeMap™ and Kronos KnowledgeMap Live help you get smart with your Workforce Dimensions solution. Learn more about them via Learn Workforce Dimensions in Kronos Community or the blog post 6 Questions Answered About Workforce Dimensions Education. To summarize, Kronos KnowledgeMap is an on-demand education portal for employees who use the solution on a day-to-day basis, while Kronos KnowledgeMap Live is for core functional, technical, and project team members to lean on when preparing for deployment and providing ongoing support to end-users after going live. With KnowledgeMap Live, you get unlimited access to self-paced and live training to:

  • Advance knowledge and skills. Take a deep dive into areas such as building specific reports or schedules.
  • Keep current. Learn to fully support the new and enhanced functionality in new releases.
  • Learn the potential of other entitlements. If you get to the point where you’re considering additional entitlements, learn all there is to know to help you make the right decision.
  • Onboard new hires. Ensure that your new technical and functional support team members are fully enabled to support your Workforce Dimensions solution — and your users.

Kronos Community is key

Did you notice that all the resources above live in Kronos Community or are connected to it? Needless to say, Kronos Community is a key part of your success. The right people must be set up with access because Community is where most of the resources you need for a successful transition to Workforce Dimensions are hosted. 
Here’s what I recommend. Right from the start of your project, review who in your organization should be active in Kronos Community and ensure they have access to register. Providing access to Community early on will ensure that everyone knows where to go for the right information.  

How do employees register?
Employees can register for Kronos Community here. Click “Register,” written in white under the orange Log In button. Please note that employees will need to have your organization’s Kronos solution ID ready to complete registration. 

Here are some additional resources to help you and your employees learn about what Kronos Community has to offer and how to navigate it: 

Partnering with Customer Success

Your organization and everyone involved with your Workforce Dimensions solution is counting on success. Kronos is invested in your success too!

We’re here to help — Deciding to move forward with Workforce Dimensions is something that you take seriously, and we take it seriously too. Kronos Customer Success Managers are here to help you with your transition. We are your advocates, partners who work with you to make sure you achieve your strategic goals and objectives and know where to find the right resources. As a Customer Success Manager, I’m proud to be part of a team that stands ready to support you. We understand that seeing the value that your new Workforce Dimensions solution provides is an important factor in your overall success, and we’re ready to help you through that value realization process. 

How to reach us — If you have a named Customer Success Manager, please reach out to ensure you have all the tools you need now, before you’re in the thick of deployment. If you do not have a named Customer Success Manager but have access to a team of Customer Success Managers, please post in the appropriate product-specific Customer Success group in Kronos Community:

We also have general product groups for additional help:

Here’s the bottom line: Review the resources in this post and begin incorporating them into your processes now. Don’t wait! Ensure you are set up for success and have the information you need for a successful Workforce Dimensions deployment with your project team. 

Find me in Kronos Community at rachel.gonzales. My focus is on healthcare customers, but I’d love to hear from anyone!