And the Award for Best Feature in the New Dashboard Experience Goes to …

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With the Oscars this weekend and the Grammy’s the next, award show season is officially coming to a close. This got me thinking, what is the best feature for organizations to take advantage of in UKG Ready’s new dashboard experience? We have tons of new features and functionality available in the new experience that you can’t get in the classic version! We’ve put together the 10 nominations for best feature in the new dashboard experience. 

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These features streamline day-to-day tasks for your admins and enhance the overall experience for your end-users. So without further ado, the nominees for best new dashboard feature enhancement are:

Dashboard Layout Profiles – These are profiles you can assign to employees in your organization based on their role. Dashboard Layout Profiles ultimately provide greater customization of publishing layouts using effective dating and allows for configuration of personalized dashboards. 

Dashboard Tab Library – The Dashboard Tab Library is a central place where admins can manage all dashboard tabs at once. It enables admins to assign new tabs and sync them across multiple Dashboard Layout Profiles as well as edit tabs directly from the library. 

Pre-Configured Dashboard Tabs – Pre-Configured Dashboard Tabs are a fantastic place to start for those new to UKG Ready or those onboarding new UKG Ready admins. This feature offers pre-configured tabs for three different levels: manager, admin, and employee. It’s a great jumping-off point to creating dashboards tailored to an employee’s day-to-day tasks. 

Report/Chart Tiles – Report and Chart Tiles provide access to any data or chart views for almost all reports in UKG Ready, and you have the ability to create charts in a tab! This allows your admins to easily create quick visualization builds and actionable displays. 

Company Hub Tabs – The Company Hub Tab provides access to media-rich content widgets for company branding and communication, adaptable displays, engaging content, and Quick-Start options. These tabs and widgets can be found in the content widget library, which provides a central location for managing these types of widgets. 

New Widgets – We have a plethora of exclusive widgets available in the new experience. These widgets include Checklists, Company Contacts, Documents, My Benefits, My Leave of Absence Balances, My Open Job Requisitions, My Pay, My Team, My Time Statistics, My Timesheet Chart, Recruitment, and Social Media. 

Independent Start Widgets – Start Widgets in the new dashboard experience allow individual tabs to have a different start widget configuration while still allowing widgets to sync with the Favorites/Classic Start Widget configuration. Start Widgets in different tabs can have different configurations and allow users to personalize their own Start Widgets. 

Mobile Friendly – The new dashboard experience is mobile friendly and provides parity between the desktop and mobile versions. We know that life isn’t the same as it was a couple of years ago and that your employees are constantly on the go. Now, admins, managers, and end-users can easily access critical data from anywhere via their mobile device, just like they would on the desktop! 

Improved Layout Options – Personalize your dashboards how you see fit. With improved layout options, users can resize and reposition widgets in certain sections of a dashboard for an optimal layout experience. 

Today’s Tasks – Today’s Tasks are there to keep you on track. They provide reminders to users of To Do’s, Checklists, Employee Birthdays, Time-Off Requests, Release Readiness information, and so much more! Today’s tasks highlight items that may require your attention during your day.  

Support for 9 widgets per tab – Yes, you read that right! Within the new dashboard experience, you can place up to nine widgets on each dashboard tab. Want to hear something even better? Up to 20 widgets are supported for each company hub tab. 

So, to whom does the award for best feature in the new dashboard experience go? That’s up to you. Make sure to test out these features and let us know which one you think should win! 

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