7+ Ways to Get Involved, Learn More About Your Solution, and Make Connections — from Anywhere

Customer Success

Data gathered from the 2020 virtual Kronos Huddle revealed that 82% of survey participants do not see themselves traveling to an in-person event for at least six months. But while in-person get-togethers are on hold until a better time, and travel is limited, we can still make the most of what’s out there for us virtually — right from the comfort of our favorite home-office swivel chair, our backyard hammock, or a corner of the couch.  

There are many ways for you to get involved, learn more about your Kronos® solution, and stay engaged with Kronos remotely, and this blog outlines how. Whether you’re a new user to the solution or a long-time Kronos expert, there’s something for you. Information and experiences that are easily accessible to you from wherever you feel safe can provide indispensable opportunities to continue to enhance your knowledge and maintain connections during a time when we all need those things the most. 

Customer Success

Kronos Huddle — This year’s Kronos Huddle provided the opportunity to gain insight from Kronos experts, network with peers, and share feedback. Members of the product development and services teams were available during the event to take questions and engage via chat in the product lounges. You can still access it all in the on-demand experience! Register for and access the 2020 virtual Kronos Huddle event on demand here.  

Industry Insights — Kronos also offered an Industry Insights Digital Summit with tracks for logistics and distribution, K-12, higher education, state and local government, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and general business issues. You can access the content on demand now! Topics include managing a remote workforce, navigating compliance, mitigating the next crisis, and planning the future of work in a post-pandemic world. 

User Groups — User groups are often in-person events, but they are equally successful when hosted virtually. Form a user group externally with other customers who have the same Kronos solution or specifically for users within your organization.  

  • Local/Special-Interest Kronos User Group — A Kronos local user group brings together a broad range of Kronos customers from different organizations within a specific geographic area — such as a city, county, or state — to share ideas and insight. A special interest may also bring those locally centered clients together around a specific Kronos solution (Workforce Dimensions™, Workforce Central®, Kronos Workforce Ready®, etc.) or a specific industry (healthcare, retail, manufacturing, etc.). Meetings are typically a single-day or half-day event. Kronos will deliver the information you need to get started, but the event is run and hosted by you, not by Kronos. 
  • In-House Kronos User Groups — In-house Kronos user groups are internal events that are not open to Kronos customers from other organizations. They are a great way for colleagues to exchange ideas and improve organizational knowledge, methods, and practices relating to Kronos. Creating an in-house Kronos user group enables discussion of confidential topics and the use of actual data. Meetings are typically a single-day or half-day event. This group is organized and run internally at your organization.  

Kronos Insiders — The Kronos Insiders program allows you to pursue best practices and connect with like-minded peers. As an Insider, you are part of a community that has exclusive access to members-only events that help you acquire knowledge, share your experiences, and even influence the Kronos customer journey.  

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Education and Training — Kronos KnowledgeMap™ Live for Workforce Dimensions and Kronos Knowledge Pass™ for Workforce Central offer monthly Learning Live events on key topics to subscribers. A Learning Live is a short, interactive, custom-made webinar presented live by Kronos training experts on a topic that matters most to you. They are a quick and easy way to enhance your skills. Please note that you must have a subscription to KnowledgeMap Live or KnowledgePass to access Learning Live events. Workforce Ready customers have access to My Learning, an education and training tool included with your subscription. My Learning is a treasure trove of self-guided trainings, instructor-led classes, and customizable templates — and it’s completely self-paced. Pause trainings and pick them up again according to your own schedule. 


Workforce Central: Registering for a KnowledgePass Learning Live 

  • Log in to your KnowledgePass account 
  • Go to the Calendar for more details 
  • Click on the Learning Live you would like to attend 

Workforce Dimensions: Registering for a KnowledgeMap Learning Live  

  • Log in to your KnowledgeMap Live account 
  • Go to Success for more details 
  • Click on a Learning Live you would like to attend 

Workforce Ready: Access My Learning  

  • Classic Experience  
    • Log in to Workforce Ready  
    • Click on My Account menu 
    • Click on My Learning menu 
  • New Experience  
    • Log in to Workforce Ready 
    • Click on My Info 
    • Click on Help 
    • Click on My Learning 

Kronos User Spotlight — Share your Kronos expertise in a User Spotlight! A Kronos User Spotlight puts you in the limelight. It highlights the features and resources you can’t live without and gives you the chance to share your best tips, tricks, and advice with your peers. Maybe attestation has helped you stay engaged with your on-site workforce during tough times. Or maybe there’s a schedule query for a pay code edit that has worked wonders for you. In a User Spotlight, you’ll get recognition for being the expert you are! Here’s an example User Spotlight for you to check out. If you’re interested, please complete the interview form for the chance to be featured!  

Why participate in these opportunities? 

The remotely offered opportunities described above are fun, informative, and exciting. They are excellent ways to energize and educate yourself about Kronos products and services, see Kronos solutions in action, and share your feedback and experiences with Kronos experts. Getting involved will also help you:  

  • Foster connections and network with customers to learn from one another’s successes and challenges 
  • Learn about new resources available to you 
  • Stay up to date on new offerings and the latest techniques 
  • Enhance your leadership and presentation skills, which can provide solid additions to any resume  

CONNECT — “When you participate in a Kronos event, you immediately have something in common with everyone there. It’s nice to be virtually surrounded by others who are in Kronos as much as I am.” 


How to stay informed 

Kronos Community 

How can you stay informed about these engagement opportunities? Of course, your No. 1 most frequently used Kronos resource — and the best self-serve way to stay informed — should be Kronos Community. Visit Kronos Community to access valuable tools and resources, get answers to questions about your Kronos solution, connect with other users and solution experts, and share product ideas. It’s your go-to spot for seeing what’s new, locating the latest content and informative articles, and contributing to discussions. Don’t forget to join the groups in Kronos Community that interest you and start making connections. 

Here are some additional resources to help you and your employees learn about what Kronos Community has to offer and how to navigate it:  

How do employees register? Employees can register for Kronos Community here. Please note that employees will need to have the organization’s Kronos solution ID ready to complete registration.  

Workforce Matters 

You can also subscribe to Workforce Matters. Workforce Matters is a quarterly newsletter digest of content selected with your needs and interests in mind. Subscribing to the newsletter will ensure that links about the latest solution updates, registration for relevant events, tips and tricks for your Kronos solution, and other valuable insights into best practices and trends in your industry are delivered right to your email inbox. Content is targeted by solution and user interest, so you receive interesting information you care about. 

Working Smarter Café  

The Working Smarter Café blog is another great way to stay informed. It’s the one Kronos blog that’s dedicated specifically to helping you — an existing customer at Kronos — work smarter when it comes to managing and using your Kronos solutions. Articles shared on Working Smarter Café help you gain insight from Kronos experts and other customers. You’ll read about tips for solution adoption, making the most of key features and functionality, resources to prepare for new releases, engagement opportunities like the ones discussed in this post, and more. Content is written by a wide variety of Kronos authors from groups stretching across the product, services, customer success, and marketing teams. If you like what you see, subscribe to get email notifications when new content is posted! 

More Kronos Blogs 

While Working Smarter Café is the only Kronos blog exclusively devoted to sharing content for existing Kronos customers, there’s an entire Kronos blogging community for you to learn from. Check out these additional blogs for information that might be helpful to you: 

  • Workforce Institute — The Workforce Institute at Kronos is a think tank that helps organizations drive performance by addressing human capital management issues that affect both hourly and salaried employees. Through education and research, the team empowers organizations with practical ideas for optimizing the 21st-century workplace. 
  • What Works — If you feel like you’re an army of one, buried in paperwork and managing everything from hiring to employee relations to payroll, this blog is for you. Tune in for insights to help take the hassles out of managing your people and your processes. 
  • Industry Insights — Industry Insights is a blog focused on industry-specific strategies to help you deliver a great experience for your employees and customers. 
  • Workforce Ready Partner Insider — Check out this partner blog to get the latest updates on Kronos Workforce Ready partnerships and get an insider’s view of the active and collaborative partner community. 
  • Time Well Spent — Simply for fun! Enjoy the lighter side of workforce management with our weekly cartoon. 




Customer Success 

My fellow customer success managers and I are your advocates. We are partners who work with you to make sure you achieve your strategic goals and objectives as well as business value. We know that seeing the value that your Kronos solution provides is an important factor in your overall success, and we’re ready to help you through that value realization process.  

How can you reach us? If you have a named customer success manager, feel free to reach out to ensure you have all the information you need to get engaged and stay engaged. If you do not have a named customer success manager but have access to a team of customer success managers, please post in the appropriate product-specific Customer Success group in Kronos Community: 

We also have general Workforce Central and Workforce Dimensions product groups for additional help: 

For Workforce Ready, choose from one of the following groups, segmented by topic: 


To close out, here’s the bottom line: Review the resources in this post and keep them in mind. Don’t wait to get involved when you can take advantage of virtual opportunities now! Ensure you are set up for success and have the information you need for a delightful Kronos experience.  

Check out the Stay Engaged with Kronos Resource Guide, which highlights much of what I discussed here and more.  

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