2021 UKG Kronos Community Superusers Announced

Kronos Community SuperUsers

This year’s UKG Kronos Community Superusers have been selected, and the results are in! Congratulations to: 

Matt Sorrell Lisa Leslie
Kevin Black Hannah Boren
David Jonsen Rob Stevenson 
Micah Zirnhelt Bill Wight 
Lee Gerber Kevin Wheeler
Susie Quon Arieshia Williams
Don Small Adrian Zadow

A special thanks to each of you for your exceptional presence in the UKG Kronos Community. 

The UKG Kronos Community Superuser program highlights outstanding customers and partners in the UKG Kronos Community for being active responders, solvers, teachers, curators, and helpers. The Community is a better place because Superusers shape it as a place where members can learn not only from UKG employees but also from other customers and partners who are just like them.

Kronos Community

Community Manager Melissa Spinella commented on the importance of Superuser participation in the Community:

“Our 2021 UKG Kronos Community Superusers were extremely active, each earning over 2,000 reputation points this year! They earned their places as Superusers not only through the points they receive, but also through the behaviors shown in the Community — being welcoming and helpful to newer members, providing detailed and thoughtful answers to questions, and above all, having a ‘we’re all in this together’ attitude. I’m happy to see a number of new faces this year. These people all went above and beyond to collaborate and make a difference. Our Superusers are the heart of the Community, and we are extremely appreciative of the role they play in making the Community the powerful resource it is.” 

Since its inception in July 2018, the Community Superuser recognition program has rewarded more than 400 members for modeling positive behavior. Matt, Kevin, David, Adrian, Rob, Bill, Arieshia, Don, Kevin, Lisa, Susie, Hannah, Lee, and Micah all have exhibited numerous Community Superuser behaviors to be selected for this year’s list.

Find them at UKG Works – both in person and virtually!

If you’ll be attending UKG Works, either in person or virtually, our Superusers will be spending some time in the Learning & Community Lounge at the ARIA Las Vegas or in the virtual UKG Kronos Community Learning & Community booth. They will be available for networking and to discuss tips on how to use the Community as a key resource to become a product expert.  

To learn more about the UKG Kronos Community Superuser program — or to find out how you can earn Community Superuser status — log in to the UKG Kronos Community and view the Superuser page.

Thanks again to all this year’s UKG Kronos Community Superusers for helping make the Community a place where members can get the answers they need and build the connections they’re looking for. UKG Kronos Community thrives largely because of you!