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Thank you for your interest in the Workforce Agility in Manufacturing study report! Workforce agility is key to organizational success in manufacturing and represents the biggest opportunity to transform manufacturing by unlocking the power of your people. This report explores new survey findings to understand weaknesses that limit agility – and how to address them.

This report also highlights:

  • What workforce agility means and the crucial role it plays in organizational success
  • Why access to information and decision rights are key to workforce agility
  • How leveraging employee-centric workforce management technology can help you increase organizational agility and achieve better business outcomes

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) sponsored the Manufacturing Workforce Agility Study in partnership with Workforce Insight and Ankura to better understand how manufacturers are enabling data-driven cultures to thrive in the new normal. This study, which included organizations across the manufacturing industry, identified workforce agility maturity levels and correlations between data accessibility and employee enablement.

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