UKG Makes Merger History

Never before has a newly merged organization been named to Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For®. And we did more than just crack the list — UKG debuted at #6 in our first year as one entity! We continue to exceed our own lofty expectations because of the impact our people have on our customers, products, and our global community.

We promised a growth story that would have a remarkable impact on people worldwide — and what an extraordinary first chapter we've written. In our first year we hired 1,200 new employees, empowered hundreds of new customers with the full power of UKG solutions, introduced features faster than ever, and grew our business beyond expectations — all while establishing a magical UKG culture. Nothing is more energizing than hearing others say we are delivering on that promise of UKG.

Aron Ain, Chief Executive Officer

The Voices Singing Our Praises

See what notable industry voices are saying about our growth story of success.

“[Ain] and his newly combined leadership team at UKG pulled it off ...”

“Buckle up. This is one of the largest, most significant transactions to date in HR tech. It will reshape your future-of-work technology landscape.”

Why UKG: An Immediate Success Story

We succeed because we have the deepest understanding of people and work systems with a distinct culture that builds bonds for life. Together with our customers, UKG will pave the way forward as we inspire workforces, industry, and businesses around the world today, tomorrow, and well into the future. Our successes from year one are just the beginning.


Supporting the Bigger Picture

We know the world is much bigger than our employees and customers. That’s why U Krewers are focused every day on helping people and making a lasting impact across the world in the areas of health, human services, education, and public safety. What an extraordinary first year of giving together it was! Our Giving at UKG 2020 Philanthropic Initiatives report details how UKG helped make a difference — including enabling our customers’ employees to donate more than $1 million to charitable organizations using UKG Pro Giving.


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