What is Succession Management Software?


Succession Management Software

While it’s always important to focus on “the now” in business and in life, it’s also imperative to keep a watchful eye on, and prepare for, the future. For organizations, that means creating and honing an appropriate and effective strategy for succession management. It means not only thinking about current top performers but also identifying employees with high potential, in order to prime the right talent capable of leading the company to future success.

Depending on certain factors, such as the size of their workforce, many companies adopt succession management software to assist in crafting and executing strategic, long-term succession plans. This technology can help managers keep track of, analyze, and evaluate the performance of hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of employees within the organization. And with integrated innovations such as predictive analytics, succession management software can point directors toward high-performing individuals who may have slipped through the organizational cracks but who have the best chances of succeeding as company leaders months or years down the road.