What is Employee Experience?

Employee Experience Defined

The employee experience is the moments throughout the day that impact an employee's physical and mental health. Think of the employee experience like this: do your employees constantly feel stifled at work? Are there continuous roadblocks and red tape for every task no matter how small? Are your managers valued by their teams? Are they micromanaging every employee or failing to offer the freedom to make their own decisions and complete tasks efficiently?

We have entered the age of the employee experience but what is it and why should you care? Employee experience seems to be the latest buzzword, but it's important for organizations to realize that it's not a passing fad.

All the tiny moments throughout an employee's day are what create the employee experience. Think of it from a customer perspective. When you go to a five-star restaurant, you expect friendly wait-staff, an inviting atmosphere, and amazing food. Each part comes together to create a memorable dining experience you would recommend to your friends and family. These factors make it a place you look forward to going back to. The same goes for your employees. Your employees are your internal customers.