What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant Tracking System Definition

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) electronically handles all recruitment needs through a software application. Applicant Tracking Systems help recruiters and HR sift through top candidates to help ensure they find the best hire and to save them time.

Who Should Use an ATS?

Everyone can use an Applicant Tracking System. Many large enterprise corporations are using ATS applications already, including 98% of all Fortune 500 companies. However, ATS can be used for all organizations that have limited time and resources to make the perfect hire. Many mid-market organizations leverage Applicant Tracking Systems to help them solve staffing dilemmas and decrease time-to-hire.

Talent Acquisition Trends to Look Out For

Global Recruiting — as the world becomes more and more globalized, more organizations are also spreading their services to other countries. Meaning you'll be getting applications from all over the world. Having one application to sift through candidates, can save you time and resources while still finding top talent.

Automation — More and more HR processes are becoming more automated, so your recruiting should be no different. Automating mundane tasks ensures your workflows are accurate and efficient. Automated processes that used to require a lot of time and work, free up your people to focus on more strategic and bigger-picture tasks.