What is HRIS?

Human Resources Information System

HRIS, or human resources information system, is where HR and HR software meet. An HRIS solution, sometimes referred to as a human resource management system (HRMS), is used to organize a company’s employee information digitally. Almost all companies maintain digital employee records or “employee profiles” that contain all company-relevant information on an individual.

These “employee profiles” of sorts are used by the payroll department and for HR purposes such as benefits, reporting, time and attendance, recruiting, and scheduling.

In the past, a company’s HRIS consisted of all of their people data printed on reams and reams of paper, stored in folders, filing cabinets, and perhaps even safes. In today’s digital age, more and more companies have switched to secure, paperless storage — going green and saving green — and rely on an HRIS to help manage some of their most sensitive and most valuable information, in a safe and secure system.