What is HR Robotic Process Automation?


HR process automation defined

HR process automation is the function of improving the efficiency of human resources departments through automating the manual human resource processes and eliminating information-centered risks. HR Process automation constructs a series of tasks to automate HR processes such as onboarding or a promotion. While some processes can be managed in the HRIS, most processes require additional tasks across your HR systems from various departments.

Why Automate HR Processes?

There are many reasons to streamline and automate HR processes within your company. Most importantly, it will save time and money. There are certain transactions that will always happen in certain cases. For example, when a new employee is being on-boarded, they will always need to be sent certain documents to complete before their first day, issued an employee ID, an email address, and a computer. Rather than placing a ticket to request each one of these items individually, a ticket will automatically be sent to each appropriate department to get the new employee quickly and effectively on board as fast as possible. This will reduce errors, eliminate manual work, and exponentially speed up processes. This is all done through RPA- Robotic process automation. RPA looks for event-based triggers, such as on-boarding a new employee, and takes action.

Best practices on streamlining your HR processes

Develop a shared services model. Streamline HR processes by automating actions and have a centralized location for information. In order to streamline processes, HR Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes into play. RPA can reduce the manual steps that causes time-consuming HR processes, such as compensation changes or onboarding. This will also reduce costs and create a more efficient HR Team.

Go paperless and empower your employees. Create a self-service area for your employees so they can access their day-to-day questions such as: How many PTO hours do I have? When is open enrollment? Where can I print my W-2? By streamlining your HR processes, they have access to the most commonly asked questions, and only need to contact HR with specific concerns. It will free up time and make your HR Team that much more efficient.