What is an HR Management System?


HR Management System Definition

HR Management System (HRMS) is a software system that integrates multiple systems and processes to create a one-stop-shop for all employee information and management systems. HRMS is also sometimes referred to HR Information System (HRIS).

HRMS Best Practices

Simplify file management. No one wants to spend their time chasing down one document. Especially when they must go through multiple systems to find it. Having one location that works with your other systems makes it easier to find, access, and share information across your company.

Provide role-based access. Role-based access enables your employees access information that is relevant to them whether in-office or on the go. Cutting down requests to other departments gives your HR and payroll team more time back in their day to start focusing on strategic decisions.

Increase Automation. Setting up workflows to automatically assign incoming requests based on attributes and categories can free up time for HR department to focus on strategic planning and get out of the mundane processes.