What is HR Document Management?


HR Electronic Document Management Defined

Employee file management, or an HR electronic document management, is the action of filing, retaining, and destroying company records while remaining compliant.

Comprehensive HR document management will make it so that you are able to search, store and manage your employee data. You can assign expiration dates to time-sensitive documents and assign role-based security. An employee file management system allows HR to manage documents efficiently and compliantly.

Benefits of Employee File Management System

Increase HR Productivity. A human resources document management system allows for an easy search for documents and workflow if necessary for signatures or review.

Centralize and streamline HR documents. Using an employee file management system will allow anyone to be able to access their files from anywhere at any time in a secure place.

Identify Metrics and Analytics. Once all your data is in one place, you will be able to run reports and metrics to see any common themes that may affect important business decisions. High turnover rate within a specific department? You can dig in and correct the issue which will save money for your bottom-line long term.

Secure documents and remain compliant. Ensure documents are secure and compliant. With human resources document management, you can quickly see what documents you have, if any are missing, and if any documents may be out of date or compliance.