What is HR Case Management?

Definition of HR Case Management

HR case management, or Employee Case Management, is how companies manage employee requests and questions. Think of this as a ticket system where the employee can submit their request and from there follow the workflow. They will know where their request has been routed, when to expect an answer, and know their issue is being worked on. This also allows HR to include notes, and possibly escalate to a different team member all while providing transparency to the employee.

Benefits of HR Case Management Software

Save money and resources. HR case management software will streamline workflows and avoid mistakes or misrouting. Streamlined case management will increase efficiency throughout your HR team, and in effect, reduce costs and time spent on issues.

Easily accessible information. In this day in age, accessibility is a necessity. Your employees will expect to be able to access their information at any time, from anywhere- whether from their desktop, cell phone, or tablet.

Real-time insight. The best case management software will offer transparency to employees. They will be able to see at any time where their ticket is, ensure it is being worked on, and have some sort of idea when their request will be completed.

Self-service. Having a self-service portal will limit the number of tickets being placed. If employees are able to easily search for an answer to their question, or at least where to go in order to get the right information- your HR case management software is literally doing the work for you.