What is HR Service Delivery?

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HR Service Delivery Definition

HR Service Delivery refers to the function that supports and provides services to employees. The HR Service Delivery solution will span the entire employee lifecycle—from hire to retire, such as onboarding, payroll, and benefits.

HR Service Delivery Best Practices

Deliver on-demand self-service. Employee self-service can help both employees and organizations save time and resources. As your employees have questions throughout the day, they are able to do a quick search and get answers within minutes through access to an online knowledge base. Through your HR Service Delivery platform, this knowledge base will have frequently asked questions, your company’s policies and handbook. Self-Service also allows employees to make changes such as requesting time off, updating personal information and view scheduling and payroll information.

Offer transparency. Some questions will always require the employee to contact a live HR representative or have approvals from HR. If your organization is large, create a ticket system or case escalation where the employee can know when to expect an answer, and know their issue is being worked on. With your HR Service Delivery solution, show work-flow, so the employee knows who the appropriate HR rep will be to reach out to.

Be available. In today's workforce, not all employees work 8-5 in an office setting. Your employees may be virtual or work outside normal business hours. Build and maintain an effective HR Service Delivery by making resources available to employees of all types, at all times, including having information available on mobile devices. This is essential in order to improve the quality of your HR Service Delivery platform.

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