UKG Social Media Guidelines


UKG’s social media channels act as valuable tools to inform, serve, and engage with our audience. When engaging with us on social media, please be aware that we are typically most active during regular operating hours of business.

Community Guidelines

UKG’s mission of “Our purpose is people” permeates all aspects of our business, including social media. We have a mindset of collaboration, inclusion, care, and trust.

When it comes to collaboration in the social media space, we are constantly listening to what our community has to say. And by listening, we are better able to serve and connect with our customers, prospects, partners, and employees. At UKG, belonging is important, which is why we fully embrace and advocate for diversity, as well as foster an environment that cultivates inclusion. When it comes to care, we focus on intentional empathy, cultivating a supportive environment, and showing appreciation. And lastly, trust—the backbone of it all—integrates authentic, respectful, and kind interaction with integrity to make a positive impact.

These are all values that we uphold as a company. Profanity, vulgarity, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate content will be removed, and users who repeatedly or egregiously violate these guidelines may be blocked or banned.

Customer Service Inquiries  

Ensuring our customers’ needs are met, if not exceeded, is of utmost importance to us.

If you are interested in learning about UKG’s solutions, please complete our form available at, or dial +1-800-225-1561 to reach our Sales Team.

If you are a UKG end user and have questions about any of our platforms (i.e. how to log in, access your W2, reset a password, etc.), please reach out to your company’s HR department, which will be your best point of contact. If you should reach out to your HR department and find that they are in need of further assistance, you can provide them with the link to the UKG Community and/or the number to our Customer Support Line: +1-800-394-4357.

Alternatively, you may message us directly via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Please note that while we will acknowledge your customer service inquiry within a 24-hour period (within regular operating hours of business), it may take up to 48 hours to route your inquiry to the appropriate service channel, receive a response, and get back to you with the appropriate solution.

Media Inquiries
For all media inquiries, please email [email protected], or dial +1-954-331-7444.

Privacy & Third-Party Content

At times, we will repost or link to third-party content that we find relevant to our audience, whether it be educational or informational in nature. Third-party content reposted by UKG does not constitute the official endorsement of any company, product, or website by UKG. Any opinions shared within materials from third parties are not necessarily opinions shared or supported by UKG.