UKG Pro Workforce Management and TeleStaff Cloud Guidelines

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(UKG Pro Workforce Management™ was formally referred to as UKG Dimensions®)


Tenants includedOne standard production tenant
One partial copy non-production tenant limited to 36 months of data
Additional tenantsAdditional partial copy tenants available for purchase on an annual basis


Connectivity to
Connectivity toThe customer’s end users connect to UKG Pro Workforce Management applications via a secure SSL/TLS connection over service the internet. Cooperation between UKG and the customer’s IT staff may be required to enable access. UKG will assist with validating site connectivity but assumes no responsibility for the customer’s internet connection or ISP relationships.

UKG-related internet traffic cannot be filtered by proxy or caching devices on the client network. UKG Pro Workforce Management supports vanity URL, utilizing a single domain.
SFTP Accounts
SFTP accountsThe UKG cloud SFTP service provides a generic endpoint for customers to push and pull files — including people import, payroll, accruals, schedules, punches, drivers, and more — to and from the UKG cloud in support of UKG® integrations.

The service includes two SFTP managed service accounts that customers may use to automate their integrations with the UKG cloud. All managed service account logins use public key authentication to secure files in transit. Transfers of files up to 100MB are supported. Customers may also purchase additional managed service accounts.

User accounts for individual (named) customer login are not supported by the SFTP service.
MPLS/Site-to-cloud (optional)Customers choosing to utilize MPLS are required to use connections offered by Google Cloud Interconnect service providers and will pay the service provider directly. UKG will assist in provisioning of the link.
Server-initiated device (optional)Supported per Documentation (includes two VPN connections)


Secure file transferIntegration with UKG Pro Workforce Management using the UKG Cloud SFTP service is subject to the following limits: limits
- 20 active concurrent sessions per SFTP account
- File size transferred per SFTP session not to exceed 100MB
- Storage quota of 10GB per SFTP account
Key performance indicators (KPIs)KPIs can be used to monitor and control business targets and thresholds. Many KPIs are delivered to the customer to track common workforce metrics such as overtime and labor costs. The customer has the option to build additional organization-specific KPIs using the KPI Builder. The number of active KPIs used with UKG Pro Workforce Management applications will be limited to 400 per customer.
Server-initiated device (optional)Supported per Documentation (includes two VPN connections)


Data refreshCustomer can request that a copy of production tenant be moved to its non-production tenant once per week — up to the limit of data allowable in the non-production tenant.
UKG application updatesMaintenance updates will be automatically applied as needed. New software releases will be automatically applied according to the release schedule published during the first month of each quarter.
Customer terminationUpon customer termination, UKG will provide access to the service for an additional 30 days so the customer may extract data.
Security complianceA SOC 1 Type 2 report and a SOC 2 Type 2 report is published. Complementary user entity controls are available within the SOC reports. In addition, UKG Pro Workforce Management maintains ISO27001 and 27018 compliance, and upon written request details are available which describes the covered components. Customer agrees not to upload payment card information, as the service is not certified for PCI DSS. Customer agrees not to upload health information that falls under the United States HIPAA law.
Disaster recoveryRecovery time objective: 24 hours

Recovery point objective: 4 hours
EncryptionData encryption in transit and at rest is included.
Third partiesThe customer may contract with a third party to configure and/or implement UKG Pro Workforce Management applications. The customer will be responsible for creating users in the system for the third party to access the application and for maintaining the permissions those users have within the application. Dedicated service and support accounts can be accessed only by UKG personnel or contractors employed by UKG.
Legal HoldUKG will comply with applicable laws and regulations when responding to subpoenas and inquiries from government agencies after consultation with customers when applicable and possible. In the event that a customer is subject to a subpoena, litigation discovery request, or government inquiry directed at customer data or documents that are solely within UKG’ control, UKG will, at the customer’s request, make commercially reasonable efforts to provide assistance to the extent that it is technically feasible. The customer will reimburse UKG for the costs that UKG incurs to provide such assistance, such as professional services fees, copying, delivery, and other handling expenses. Subject to the above, UKG will produce the relevant data or documents. Except at its sole discretion or if legally required to do so, UKG will not entertain requests to store or host legacy or archived customer data or documents for these purposes. UKG periodically reviews all matters subject to legal hold, including data that is being retained.