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Gain Full Control of the Payroll Process with Smart Pay Analytics

Discover the benefits and value of embedded analytics within our powerful, award-winning payroll engine.

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Gain Full Control of the Payroll Process with Smart Pay Analytics

See how Smart Pay Analytics within UKG Pro™ Pay showcases immediate analytics to help you identify any issues during payroll—so that you can deliver the perfect paycheck to your people, every time. In this interactive experience, Gain Full Control of Payroll with Smart Pay Analytics, dive into the Smart Pay Analytics feature within UKG Pro Pay and its offering of a convenient, critical data view that allows you to minimize errors and take action to complete the payroll process.

Learn how to take control and transform your payroll process by utilizing these key features within Smart Pay Analytics:

  • Real-time data analytics embedded into your payroll processing screen
  • Efficient user experience that allows you to navigate critical data, without running separate reports
  • Notifications of common pay issues on convenient clickable cards that allow you to dive into employees’ data
  • Comprehensive payroll comparisons so that you can stay abreast of changing data within each pay

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