UKG Dimensions is now UKG Pro Workforce Management

To bring better clarity to you and your people, and deliver an unparalleled people-centric experience, we have aligned our product brand so that the UKG Dimensions® name is now UKG Pro Workforce Management™ under the UKG Pro® product suite. For current customers there will be no impact to the day-to-day products and services you’re used to, outside of updated name references to UKG Pro Workforce Management.

For more details on this change, check out the resource page in Community.

See UKG Pro Workforce Management in Action 

Designed for organizations with global, industry-specific workforce needs, our dynamic, people-centric workforce management solutions boost productivity and elevate the work experience for all.

Watch a quick tour of how UKG Pro Workforce Management can help you streamline scheduling, time, attendance, and more while also offering AI-powered insights to guide smarter decisions. 

UKG Pro Workforce Management – How to Login 

If you’re an employee trying to log in to your UKG system, please contact your company’s UKG administrator directly.    

Need more support for your UKG solution? Head to our Support page.