UKG Dimensions for Healthcare Demo Center

See how UKG Dimensions empowers your front-line managers to efficiently manage their clinical resources and meet patient care demands.

Part 1: Get a Single Solution to Healthcare Staffing Issues

Healthcare leaders’ daily schedule change quickly. And you can’t afford to have last-minute time-off requests and staffing updates slow you down. UKG Dimensions can help you stay one step ahead with a single dashboard that can handle anything you throw at it. Quickly edit timecards, update staff schedules and fill shifts — with just a few clicks.

Part 2: Managing Assignment Changes and Unburden Leaders

Eliminate the time-consuming processes of manually identifying the best person to fill an open shift with UKG. Easily create a call list and use a variety of communication methods to interact with available staff.

Part 3: Smarter Overtime Management

For healthcare managers, too much overtime can create big headaches — and lots of additional costs. With UKG Dimensions, you can easily monitor overtime data with real-time intelligence that indicates opportunities for cost savings. Analyze workforce data and get actionable alerts about staff overtime that can make a real difference in your bottom line.

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