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What Would You Like to See Added to Corporate DEI Trainings?

Protocol | There are three fundamental shifts I’d like to see when it comes to improving corporate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging efforts. First, is to reframe DEI&B “trainings” as foundational learning. In the corporate world, we all go through trainings, but these are almost always compliance-driven.
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Companies are Realizing They Need to Attract Talent with more than just a Good Salary — They Need to Pay for Higher Education and Childcare, Too

Insider | UKG, a human resources and workforce management software company created out of a merger between Kronos and Ultimate Software in spring 2020, offers a variety of benefits to support employees' financial needs at different stages of their lives, Dave Almeda, UKG's chief people officer, told Insider.
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Special Report: The New Laws of Talent Attraction

Chief Executive | Cecile Alper-Leroux has dedicated her life’s work to helping companies design the best possible experiences for people to achieve great things at work. These days, the veteran economic anthropologist is designing work experiences that extend beyond a physical workspace for the evolving work-from-anywhere model that many companies are adopting.
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Child Care is Getting More Support from Some Private Companies

NPR | Many companies began providing virtual programs for children, expanded flexibility for their employees, and grants to help families in need. David Almeda, the chief people officer at UKG, says the company launched new virtual programs. It offers virtual summer camps, for example.
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‘That’s Just How We Work’: How UKG Has Supported Working Parents During COVID

Employee Benefits News | For working parents, the pandemic has felt like one very, very long marathon. David Almeda knows this to be true. As the father of two children and the chief people officer at UKG, a HR technology company with 13,500 employees stretched around the globe, he’s had a front-row seat to the stress placed on families since the COVID-19 crisis began.
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How Companies are Helping Parents and Caregivers with ‘Work-Life Integration’

Boston Globe | During the pandemic — when 69 percent of working parents reported that helping their kids with remote learning negatively impacted their work performance, according to the employment website Indeed — Mahesh Ganesan needed to help his then-high-school senior with college applications. Ganesan, director of mergers and acquisitions integration at UKG, a Lowell technology company, worried that his son wasn’t receiving enough support remotely from his English teacher during a critical period at school.
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What Are You Thankful For?

SHRM | "These last two years have been relentless for HR professionals, who have continuously adapted to ever-changing situations all in the name of caring for their people," said Dave Almeda, chief people officer at HR tech company UKG, based in Boston. During the pandemic, the company successfully merged two 6,000-person global communities without layoffs, welcomed more than 2,000 new employees and increased its benefits spend by $35 million, he said.
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Committing to Change: 2022 HR Megatrends from UKG

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) today announced its 2022 HR Megatrends.
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When is Engaging External DEI Partners Effective, and When Isn't It?

Protocol | DEI conversations are most effective when you speak the language of the business and meet leadership where they are. Internal DEI officers can authentically frame the business case for DEI efforts like greater innovation, retention or product development. It's easier to dismiss an outside DEI partner who's telling you something you don't want to hear. An internal officer can develop that trust with leadership and with employees.
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Aron Ain's Guiding Philosophy in Business Leadership: Families Matter

International Business Times | A CEO who believes his employees should put their families before work?! Ultimate Kronos Group CEO Aron Ain not only stayed true to this core value during a year marked by COVID-related business downturns and large-scale layoffs, but doubled down and increased the company’s employee benefits.