UKG Incentive with Uber


UKG Incentive with Uber allows integration between the UKG Dimensions Service with Uber Technologies, Inc. (“Uber”) online services and platform. UKG Incentive with Uber is a product configuration that empowers managers to staff hard to fill shifts and recognizes employees using an integration from UKG Dimensions with Uber Eats and Uber Rider vouchers.

As a precondition to using UKG Incentive with Uber, Customer must create an online Uber account directly with Uber, and accept Uber’s relevant terms of use, such as Uber Business, Uber API and Uber Product Addendums online terms located at

If Uber terminates or suspends its online services, UKG Incentive with Uber API will not be able to transmit data to Uber, and, if the Uber online services are terminated, UKG may need to shut off the integration.

Customer agrees to have a legitimate legal basis to process any data that Company provides to Uber through an Uber API, including data submitted through UKG Incentive with Uber. Customer consents to receive notifications from Uber, and where necessary, obtain consent from each end user to process such data and receive such notifications from Uber for the purpose of Uber providing its online services.

Customer agrees to hold harmless UKG from and against losses, damages, fees and expenses arising with respect to any third-party claim arising out of or related in any way to (a) Uber’s access to or use of data used by Uber to provide services (b) Uber’s loss or Customer’s loss, alteration, inappropriate sharing of or misuse of Uber data or Customer provided personal data, or unauthorized access to or destruction or disclosure of Uber data or Customer provided personal data. Customer will be responsible for any inaccurate billing or disputed fees by Uber arising from Customer failure to accurately identify Customer as the user of Uber Services or of an Uber API, such as through the use of incorrect account data.