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Thanks for visiting the UKG for the State of California site. My name is Bruce Jaeger and I’m your UKG Account Executive. As your state continues to evaluate its workforce management needs, complex agencies often don’t fit into a one-size-fits-all approach. This site was built just for you, and it’s packed with information demonstrating how UKG can support your goals.

Put UKG solutions to work for you today and make the most of your operational budget.

UKG offers a robust Workforce Management solution for State Governments that
centralizes labor laws and rules engines, provides data analytics for reporting, compliance, and spotting trends, creates seamless integrations of business processes, delivers auditing capabilities, and supports employee and manager self-service.

State of California

Navigating an Industry in Transition

8.8% State of California employees are under the age of 30, increasing the demand for digital transformation

Employee experience is widely regarded by HR leaders as a powerful recruitment and retention strategy. Providing a modernized work environment that adopts automated solutions emphasizes that commitment to the employee.

California Department of Human Resources, 2021

$12.24 ROI for every dollar spent on workforce management investments

Workforce management solutions can help you adapt and thrive, even in uncertain times. Better visibility into labor costs and staffing can help you make more informed decisions to keep operations running smooth.

Gartner Top 10 Government Technology Trends, 2021

60% Government AI and data analytics investments aim to impact real-time operational decisions and outcomes

Not only do these investments aim to improve the quality of citizen experience, but they also improve employee morale and engagement. Positive changes to staffing, time-off, and pay, just to name a few, mean a great deal to the employee.

Optimize your workforce and your service delivery

Gain better visibility into labor costs - The Great Overtime Dilemma

Explore the steps that states and localities across the U.S have taken to better monitor and manage overtime

Minimize Compliance

Minimize compliance risk - Managing Labor in a Union Environment

By implementing an automated time and attendance solution, one California county has eased compliance concerns and improved WFM practices.

Streamline operations - Transforming the Public Sector Workforce

The public sector is seeing a workforce digital transformation. Learn how technology is improving workforce management and empowering employees.

Our Solutions

UKG Dimensions

Modern time, leave, and scheduling functionality, to ensure public sector workforce needs are met across all levels of complexity.

UKG TeleStaff

The UKG TeleStaff™ automated scheduling and notification solution helps public safety balance the needs of the communities they serve with the needs of the workforce responsible for driving citizen safety — and automate it all in a single scheduling platform.

UKG for State and Local Government

Preserving budget dollars and ensuring continuity of services and programs is job one. Manage it with an automated system that streamlines processes and maximizes schedules.

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