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Thanks for visiting the UKG for Special Districts page. My name is Andrew Lusignan. We have a team of three dedicated representatives to support the unique challenges faced by special districts across the U.S. This site was built just for you and it’s packed with information showing how UKG can support your goals. I encourage you to check out the content and learn more about how our products can help optimize your workforce.

Put UKG solutions to work for you today and make the most of your funding and budgets.

UKG offers a robust suite of Human Capital and Workforce Management solutions for Special Districts that bring innovative ways to offer self-service options to employees, straight-forward adherence to Collective Bargaining Agreement requirements, more effective staffing, and better overall accountability and transparency for providing essential services to the community. Complementing UKG best-of-breed solutions with existing ERP’s allows Special Districts to meet a variety of workforce needs.

On-Demand Webinar: HCM that Makes Everyone Happy

When you’re a champion for your people, they’ll be champions for your business. UKG Pro™, our unmatched human capital management (HCM) suite, delivers robust, culture-driven solutions for companies to support their people through the major and everyday moments they experience while part of your organization.

Watch the replay to learn how UKG Pro can help you transform your people management processes and deliver more meaningful experiences for your employees.

On-Demand Webinar: UKG Dimensions

We’ve spent the last couple years building UKG Dimensions into the platform you always hoped it would be, adding functionality to meet your industry-specific needs. As the world of work continues to evolve, so does the technology in it. The new and improved UKG Dimensions helps your organization stay ahead of the times, while improving the employee experience.

Navigating an Industry in Transition

38% of public sector employees say if their employer “Showed more appreciation and recognition of employees and the work they do” this could help curb the Great Resignation.

Employee experience is a critical factor in recruitment and retention efforts across many Special Districts. Providing a modernized work environment that adopts automated solutions emphasizes that commitment to the employee. Streamline outdated processes and cut down on the administrative burden resulting from unnecessary manual efforts.

ROI for every dollar spent on workforce management investments

Workforce management solutions can help you adapt and thrive, even in uncertain times. As employees across districts still grapple with the pandemic, one thing that doesn’t change is the need to provide essential services. Better visibility into labor costs and staffing can help you make more informed decisions to keep operations running smooth.

ROI on UKG Pro and UKG Dimensions deployments

Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact Report on UKG solutions shows an 89% return and payback within six months. With net benefits of nearly $6 million, UKG solutions help organizations address major workforce challenges and meet business goals.

Optimize your Workforce — And your district

Gain better visibility into labor costs

Explore the steps that states, localities, and districts across the U.S have taken to better monitor and manage overtime

Minimize Compliance Risk

Discover how implementing an automated time and attendance solution has eased the county’s compliance concerns and improved workforce management practices across the county

Streamline operations

The public sector is seeing a workforce digital transformation. Learn how technology is improving workforce management and empowering employees.

Improve employee experience

Explore what drives innovation in the workplace and how leaders and organizations can increase innovation and agility.

Our Solutions

UKG Dimensions

Discover AI-powered workforce solutions with tailored industry experiences — built on an intelligent platform providing operational insights that empower your people.


Combine transformative HR technology with robust payroll functionality and deeper workforce management capabilities.

UKG TeleStaff

The UKG TeleStaff™ automated scheduling and notification solution helps public safety balance the needs of the communities they serve with the needs of the workforce responsible for driving citizen safety — and automate it all in a single scheduling platform.

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