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When you partner with UKG, you get access to the most powerful technology that inspires your people and helps improve your bottom line. Our workforce management solutions can help you drive performance, streamline scheduling, time and attendance, and more to help your people reach their potential — for themselves and your business.

Empower Your People Through Operational Excellence

Time and scheduling are essential to your operations, yet it can be an administrative burden to both managers and employees – taking them away from what they should be focusing on. Investing in a cloud-based solution can automate routine tasks and alleviate administrative burden so that you can maximize productivity and empower your employees, all while mitigating compliance risk. A recent Nucleus Research study found that automated cloud Workforce Management solutions, which include time & scheduling, deliver an average of $12.24 for every dollar invested in the solution in under 5 months.¹


Common Challenges Solved

Maximizing Productivity

Maximizing Productivity

Helping your people be their most productive every day can mean the difference between your organization running smoothly or struggling to survive. Lack of visibility into how your people work, inability to position your people managers to make informed decisions, and manually tracking processes from beginning to end can all create productivity challenges.

Putting intelligent workflows in place behind the scenes can help automate routine work processes and tasks, allowing your people valuable time to focus on key business goals and strategies. And tying that effort with the right work data and AI-driven intelligent insights enables your people managers to quickly see where the issues lie and confidently take action — so you can put the right people in the right place at the right time to meet business demands.

Streamlining Schedules

Streamlining Schedules

Creating schedules that align with complex work requirements and labor demand can be labor intensive, and if done improperly it can also leave you open to compliance risk. Automating the schedule creation process to take into account labor policies, demand, and budgets will not only help make schedules more cost effective but will make the process more efficient — freeing up your managers to focus on their people and business goals.

Empowering Employees

Empowering Employees

Manual processes and outdated technology can leave your people feeling frustrated and burdened with unnecessary time-consuming tasks unrelated to their jobs. It can also lead to a multitude of errors, causing inaccurate payroll and impacting employee engagement. Providing a modern work experience through technology that is accessible from anywhere on any device empowers your people to quickly and easily perform tasks — such as clocking in/out, swapping shifts, requesting time off, and accessing important information like pay stubs and W2s — so they can stay engaged, empowered, and productive.

Managing a Global Workforce

Managing a Global Workforce

The notion of expanding globally can be daunting to many businesses, and rightfully so. Many factors must be considered, including language and cultural barriers, compliance and labor laws, GDPR, European Works Councils — and the list goes on. It’s critical to your success to prepare and stay ahead of these policies and laws to streamline complex labor scheduling and global payroll and eliminate potential compliance risk and associated fines.

Get started today by downloading the featured resource below, then visit our dedicated resource page for Managing a Global Workforce to get additional guidance and insights from UKG customers and global workforce thought leaders.

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UKG Dimensions™ provides AI-powered workforce solutions infused with tailored industry experiences to provide operational insights the empower your people.

Flexible HR, Time, and Pay for Smaller Organizations

UKG Ready™ leverages the power of HR, talent, payroll, and time in a single solution to increase efficiency and simplify compliance.

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¹White, Trevor, WFM Returns $12.24 For Every Dollar Spent, Vol. 21. Human Capital Management. Boston, Ma: Nucleus Research Inc., February 2021 (at page 1).