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UKG Ready® is an all-in-one HR and payroll software for businesses looking to increase efficiency and simplify compliance.


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Every minute and every hour your employees work is critical to helping your organization manage labor costs, pay your people accurately, and make strategic business decisions. A comprehensive time and attendance software system will bring your organization beyond the basic function of clocking in and out.

With the right tool, you’ll be able to accurately track when, where, and how your employees account for their time, while also obtaining insights into labor trends, shift visibility, overtime, and more. Plus, a modern time and attendance software system will reduce payroll errors with easy timecard approvals and a seamless integration with payroll. This means managers and employees will spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on the work that matters.

Whether you’re a small business or managing a large complex workforce, giving decision makers information on absence trends, overtime projections, and confirmation on compliance will result in better outcomes for your business. Time and attendance software automates and streamlines:

  • Time tracking
  • Clocking in and out
  • Attendance 
  • Manual Processes and data entry 
  • Payroll Integration 
  • HR Compliance Management 
  • Labor tracking against tasks

Time and Attendance Software — What should it include?

Think about time and attendance software as the digital upgrade to traditional paper timesheets! It’s a valuable tool that will help you manage your employees’ hours, attendance, and leave.

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Data Collection

Whether you capture time through intelligent time clocks, convenient mobile devices, desktops, or even offline — time and attendance software makes it simple for your people to clock in and out. With better data collection, employees can easily track their hours and managers get access to the insights they need.


Automated Approvals

Free your management teams from lengthy timecard approvals and responding to time-off requests. Automated approvals make it easy to catch timecard issues and modify punch data.

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Absence Management

Gain visibility into absence trends such as planned, incidental, or extended employee absence to better understand its impact on your organization. Plus, absence management technology will streamline and automate administering and enforcing leave policies.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Extract and analyze data in real time with accruals, weekly totals, exceptions, and transfers all in one place. You can make better decisions with the necessary labor and productivity stats.

The Benefits of a Modern Time and Attendance Software

The right tool for better insight into your workforce.

Using time and attendance technology can help you get insight into accrual balances, overtime, absenteeism and more. With this data you can catch gaps in your staff, monitor burnout, and check for equitable schedules. With UKG timekeeping software, managers can receive alerts on overtime and shift differentials, so they can course correct as needed. Small moments, like how and when employees clock in and out and easy access to technology, are all key to creating a positive workplace experience for your employees. So when you use user-friendly software, like UKG timekeeping, you improve the employee experience. Providing your people with easy ways to request time off, check accrual balances, and clock in from their mobile device at the push of a button are those small moments that matter.

FAQs on Time and Attendance Software

Time and attendance software is a tool that can help employers track and manage work hours and attendance. It can automate processes such as time off requests, manage leave of absence, track time spent on specific jobs, and overtime.

Time and attendance software can help organizations effectively track time, maintain compliance, identify work trends, control costs, and build employee engagement with the right tool. It allows you to manage all your people data in one place and access key metrics in real time.

The entire organization benefits from the right time and attendance software. Employees and managers benefit from efficient processes and easier access to personalized data; HR and payroll teams benefit from smoother integrations; and compliance teams benefit from centrally enforced regulatory guidelines minimizing compliance risk.

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