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To attract and retain top talent in today’s competitive work landscape, you need to do two things really well: Make a strong first impression during the recruiting and hiring process and then invest in your employees throughout their career journey. A modern talent management solution will help you do both.

From recruiting and hiring to evaluating performance and training and upskilling your employees, talent management software gives you the tools to attract, develop, and grow your people to drive business outcomes and stay ahead of your competition. Potential employees can easily engage with user-friendly job applications and simplified interviewing, while onboarding technology ensures new hires feel comfortable and confident from day one. For current employees, talent management software fosters deeper, more meaningful career conversations and encourage life-long, continuous learning. Talent management software automates and improves:

  • Recruiting 
  • Hiring 
  • Onboarding 
  • Performance Evaluation 
  • Performance Coaching 
  • Learning and Development 
  • And more

Talent management software — What should it include?

Talent management software gives you the foundation to hire and retain your best people, develop your employees, build trust, and prevent burnout so your employees can focus on doing their best work.

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Relationship-Driven Recruiting

Traditional recruiting systems can be complex and burdensome. As a result, candidates abandon applications, and you lose out on hiring the best talent for the role. UKG recruiting software makes sourcing the best talent easy and personalized, prioritizing the candidate’s experience, so you make a good impression from the very first interaction, which lays the foundation for trust and belonging from the start.

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Personalized Onboarding

An employee’s onboarding experience has a significant impact on their future success at your organization. Help new employees succeed with UKG onboarding technology that ensures they’re connected and engaged from day one.

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Meaningful Performance and Coaching

Annual reviews do little to inspire action and foster talent. Managers can use UKG performance and coaching solutions to analyze data and identify opportunities for employee growth, development, and engagement, leading to meaningful career paths that inspire greatness.

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Convenient Learning

A growth mindset is critical to succeed in today’s fast-paced work environment. UKG learning helps employees develop skills through on-demand content, collaboration tools, and personalized educational programs for all.

The Benefits of Modern Talent Management Software

Help great talent go further.

Replacing an employee is expensive — costing between 50% and 200% of their yearly salary, according to Gallup. Talent management software helps mitigate this cost by helping you attract, develop, and retain top talent. When you support your people with convenient and easy applications, a welcoming onboarding experience, and consistent feedback, you’ll foster a sense of trust and belonging that’s ultimately good for business – so good in fact that the organizations that do it best see results like 50% reductions in turnover and outperforming the market by 6%. With features like personalized hiring, customized dashboards, and regular, structured performance conversations, UKG talent management software will help you optimize the talent management process so you can build an inclusive and equitable culture.

Put your people first with a culture-driven, enterprise-grade HCM suite

Hire the right talent, boost engagement, and inspire your people to do great work with a powerful HCM solution designed to drive success for your business.

FAQs about Talent Management Software

Replacing an employee can be expensive — costing between 50% and 200% of their yearly salary, according to Gallup. Talent management software helps mitigate this cost by helping organizations attract, develop, and retain top talent. A good talent management software helps you keep and develop your top employees with features like performance management and learning and development.

A modern talent management software solution simplifies and enhances how you manage the employee lifecycle.

  • Recruiting: Attract and recruit the right people to work at your company.
  • Employee onboarding: Ensure a seamless and welcoming transition for your new hires.
  • Performance Management: Evaluate and improve how your employees perform at work.
  • Learning and Development: Provide training and skill development opportunities for your employees.
  • Retention: Keep your best employees and prevent turnover.

Talent management software plays a critical role in how you attract, develop, and retain your employees. For example, it helps you retain top talent for the long-term; helps you align talent and skills to your organization’s goals and strategy; ensures fair and consistent feedback, performance reviews, and compensation processes across the organization; and it reduces your administrative workload allowing you to focus on more important strategic initiatives.

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