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Discover how giving the right people the right information at the right time can improve your organization’s culture and inspire effective decision making at every level.
People analytics, offered through human resource management software, digs deep into how your organization’s people are feeling to help you gain valuable insights for making meaningful, data-driven decisions and positive change. Surveying, listening, and reviewing its findings are essential for understanding your employees’ individual experiences — then using that data to make necessary changes that will support them and foster a culture of trust and belonging.

According to Great Place To Work®, when everyone in an organization is heard and empowered, 87% of employees feel higher levels of belonging, leading to higher retention rates, productivity, and overall satisfaction among your people. But to get there, you need a better understanding of how your business operates, how it serves your people, and what areas need improvement.

The right technology can help you accomplish this by streamlining and analyzing data gathered from across your organization. Modern HR software that offers people analytics will help you:

  • Automate and streamline the collection of people data 
  • Make better informed decisions based on more in-depth data 
  • Understand and communicate your findings across your organization 
  • Empower employees to provide valuable feedback

People Analytics — What should it include?

In-depth data about your company gives you the insights you need to truly put people at the center of your strategy and make improvements that will help your people and business thrive.

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Centralized People Data

UKG's all-in-one solutions let you manage all your people processes seamlessly in a single convenient platform. This ensures that you can confidently make critical decisions about your people processes knowing that everything has been taken into consideration.

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Actionable Insights

Because data discrepancies can happen throughout an organization, some decisions may appear to rely on intuition or gut instincts. UKG’s intelligent reporting and analytics tools provide transparency across the platform, offering valuable insights into key business areas and helping you avoid potential issues such as burnout, unfair scheduling, and compliance violations.

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Create Proactive Strategies Based on Robust Reporting

Report on organization-wide data, including culture data such as pay equity, employee burnout, and retention, and use point-in-time reporting to compare the results. UKG’s robust reporting options let you create customized reports for predicting the needs of both your people and the business. We further simplify reporting by delivering timely information enhanced with guidance on how to move forward based on proven practices so you can make a data-driven, positive impact.

Benefits of a Modern People Analytics Solution

Improve decision making with better data to drive organizational success.

Making the right decisions for your organization can be overwhelming — especially with the amount of data that needs to be reviewed. As a trusted partner, UKG can help you create a great workplace by not only capturing all the data, but also by providing recommendations for how to make positive changes. Transform your workplace culture and make a positive impact on business outcomes with the power of AI, backed by decades of people, work, and culture data. In addition to our powerful reporting capabilities, UKG leverages the latest technology to deliver the most relevant data and provide recommendations based on proven practices, industry standards, and your company policies.

Make data-driven, effective decisions

Discover key people insights needed to make well-informed decisions with a powerful HCM solution designed to drive success for your business.


FAQs about People Analytics

People analytics involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data about your people and organization to help you make more informed decisions about talent management, performance, engagement, and more.

  • Better recruitment and onboarding practices: Identify the most effective recruiting strategies by evaluating your recruitment practices and comparing recruitment, onboarding, and training practices to industry benchmarks.
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction: By analyzing employee data and feedback, you can identify factors contributing to employee turnover, assess engagement levels and overall sentiment, and make positive change to improve retention and foster a strong company culture.
  • Team management: Assess performance, identify burnout, and gain insights for coaching and development opportunities for your people.
  • Workforce planning: Forecast future talent needs and succession planning, identify skill gaps, and optimize scheduling and staffing to meet business objectives and foster growth.

Organizations that leverage people analytics make more informed, data-driven decisions about their people processes, employee satisfaction and engagement, and more.

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Discover how giving the right people the right information at the right time can improve your organization’s culture and inspire effective decision making at every level.

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