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Payroll:  Making the Case for Change
Payroll: Making the Case for Change
In this paper you’ll learn how to gather the insight, evidence, and support you’ll need to present a persuasive proposal for change that will successfully capture the attention of executive decision makers.
Payroll is more than just money — it’s a cornerstone of your people strategy, so make sure you have a solution that’s flexible, automated, accurate, and engaging.
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Support your payroll team, your people, and your culture with modern, scalable technology and expert partnership.


Control, run, and automate payroll in ways that match your organization’s needs —large or small — to improve efficiency, ensure compliance, and reduce manual processes and complexity.

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“We’ve been able to reduce administrative headcount because of the efficiencies….”

Delta Sonic has improved its complex payroll process and can access timely productivity data, headcount reports, and business intelligence data with UKG Pro.

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Payroll:  Making the Case for Change
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White Paper
Payroll: Making the Case for Change

See how to gain the insight, evidence, and support you need to make a persuasive case with decision makers for a modern HR and payroll technology solution. 

State Compliance Guide on Labor Regulations
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State Compliance Guide

Complying with labor laws can be more challenging if you do business in multiple states. Learn about six employment areas that can create compliance issues.

Money Talks and So Should You
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Product Info
Money Talks and So Should You

Closing the gender pay gap is everyone's business. UKG solutions help mitigate pay bias to keep your organization compliant and your employees fairly compensated.

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