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9 to 5 | Let's Talk About the Gender Pay Gap
Working together in our workplaces is the most powerful tool we have to fight inequality.

Help balance the pay scales — not just for women, but for everyone

Leverage the resources on this page to learn more about what you can do to help balance the pay scales, not just for women but for all people fighting for change to achieve pay equity. Closing the wage gap takes all of us.

HR professionals can adopt pay equity strategies right now to facilitate transparent compensation practices.
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4 Actionable Strategies for Achieving Pay Equity

While pay discrimination has been illegal for 60-plus years, many employers still find it challenging to reconcile attributes like education, experience, and skillsets to create pay equity models. The fact is there are many strategies HR professionals can use to promote pay equity in their organizations. We’ll explore four of them in this latest blog article.

DEI&B Playbook from UKG

Get guidance on how to make a case for a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) strategy to your organization’s leadership.

UKG multimillion-dollar pay equity initiative
Learn about the UKG multimillion-dollar pay equity initiative

UKG will help close the wage gap for women and girls by providing equitable access to opportunity, education, and fair workplaces.