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Human resource management involves coordinating, managing, and allocating human capital – your employees — in ways that advance your organization’s goals. However, it isn’t just about policies and paperwork; it’s also about shaping experiences, fostering growth, providing purpose, and building a thriving workplace.

According to Great Place To Work®, providing employees with purpose through work they find meaningful increases employee retention by 2.7 times. That speaks to how especially important the work your human resource management team does and the lasting impact it has on your employees and the organization as a whole. It starts with your very first candidate interactions and continues through to employees transitioning to retirement.

To accomplish this, you need the right technology to help tackle challenges, boost efficiency, and create a better workplace for all. A modern human resource management solution will help you:

  • Automate and streamline administrative tasks 
  • Make data-driven decisions 
  • Empower employees to be self-sufficient 
  • Stay on top of compliance 
  • And more

Human Resource Management — What should it include?

Human resource management software gives you the space needed to truly put people at the center of your strategy and make work easier for all so your people and business can thrive.

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Centralized People Data

All-in-one UKG solutions allow you to manage all your people processes in a single employee record without having to enter the same data repeatedly. Track all HR-related employee information in one convenient place, including personal details, employment history, performance reviews, benefits choices, and time and labor data. This minimizes compliance risk and makes your day-to-day easier.

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Flexible Workflows

Automating and streamlining routine tasks are only possible with the right tools. UKG solutions have flexible, built-in workflows for easily automating your business processes and policies, enabling you to streamline routine tasks such as approvals, updates, and changes — freeing up your time to focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement.

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Reporting and Analytics

Due to data gaps across the organization, it can sometimes seem as if decisions depend too heavily on gut feelings or intuition. UKG’s intelligent reporting and analytics tools provide solution-wide transparency, giving you insights into critical business areas so you can get ahead of potential issues.

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Employee Self-Service

Employees no longer need to knock on HR’s door for every little query. With UKG solutions, your people have access to modern, easy-to-use self-service that empowers them to update personal information, check their benefits, request time off, and even enroll in training programs — all at their fingertips.



Compliance promotes trust, employee well-being, and organizational success. UKG’s powerful built-in rules engines help you adhere to all relevant employment laws and alert you when you’re not. This is supported with access to a single source of truth that provides reliable, accurate data; the latest government forms; and automated ACA and absence management tools from anywhere at any time.

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Learning and Development

The UKG Learning solution has many ways of delivering learning content and notifies employees of available courses they can take on any device at any time. It’s designed to meet your people wherever they are in their learning journeys. You can also track their progress, identify training gaps, and tailor development plans to keep everyone growing.

Benefits of Modern Human Resource Management Software

Nurture the people who drive your organization’s success.

A modern human resource management software streamlines HR processes by automating tasks, leading to increased efficiency and time savings. It ensures you stay in compliant with labor laws and regulations, creating a fair and equitable workplace. Plus, it boosts employee engagement with the ability to focus on nurturing your people through personalized learning and career development opportunities, empowering employees to be self-sufficient, strengthening communication, and creating a strong company culture.

FAQs about Human Resource Management

Human resource management involves coordinating, managing, and allocating human capital – employees − in ways that advance an organization’s goals.

Key responsibilities of human resource management include: 

  • Recruitment and hiring: Identifying and selecting suitable candidates through interviews, applications, and assessments 
  • Training and development: Continuously enhancing employees’ skills 
  • Compensation and benefits: Ensuring fair and competitive compensation 
  • Employee relations: Fostering a positive workplace environment 
  • Policy development and enforcement: Safeguarding employee safety and adhering to legal regulations and organizational policies

Human resource management software enhances efficiency, compliance, and employee experience, making it an essential tool for modern workplaces. For example, it helps you automate repetitive tasks, empowers your people to be self-sufficient with access to their own information, helps you execute on your people development strategy, provides important business insights to help you make data-based decisions, and reduces your compliance risk so you can create a fair and equitable workplace.

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