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Keep pace with compliance requirements

Minimize compliance risk with an automated solution that helps you adhere to required government and industry standards.

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Gain peace of mind. Minimize compliance risk. UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly known as UKG Dimensions®) helps you consistently, fairly, and accurately apply appropriate policies to keep pace with government and industry regulations.

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Predictive and fair scheduling

Build fair and predictable schedules to meet compliance requirements while also creating a better life-work experience for your people.

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Focus on Employee wellbeing

Support your people and meet compliance requirements by enforcing required breaks, correcting missed punches, and prioritizing time approvals.

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Grant tracking

Minimize compliance risk and maximize grant fund usage by reducing the amount of time it takes to complete an audit cycle.

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Flexible platform

Manage compliance for all your people via PC, mobile, app, or even our InTouch DX™ timeclock. 


UKG Dimensions Compliance Customer Quote

"Magnet is firm on nurses having a say in their schedules. UKG Pro Workforce Management allows us to do that. During a Magnet site visit, all nurses in the self-scheduling units were able to speak about how they can request their PTO and put in their schedules."

Danielle Mahon
Healthcare Informaticist, Billings Clinic
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