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Empower employees to self-service

Deliver a consumer-level experience that empowers employees to self-service anywhere, anytime, and provides insight and automation for HR to fuel strategic operations.

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All that’s included

Make it easier for HR to support your people — no matter their industry or location. From a simple question to a complex event in your people’s journey, we can help you drive more strategic HR.

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Employee Self-Service

Simplify employee support with an intuitive platform that helps them find answers to HR questions and initiate complex requests.

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Document Manager

Digitize employee files and leverage dynamic, logic-based templates to transform the entire document lifecycle.

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Automated Workflows

Eliminate busywork and manual HR tasks by automating people-based processes through customizable and easy-to-streamline digital workflows.


Global Compliance

Easily navigate complex rules and regulations across the world with proactive retention policies and role-based permissions to simplify compliance for HR.

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Insight-Driven HR

Refine HR processes through customizable reports with insights into HR performance and employee interactions that elevate the employee experience.

UHY Advisors

"Document Manager is the easiest HR solution I've launched. The UKG launch team needs about a week to configure the environment for a new customer. From there, it's easy to set up and easy to use. Minimal training was required on my part for my team to be successful with the solution."

Jeff Cunningham
Director of Information Systems | UHY Advisors
Powerful HCM for every life-work journey

From robust payroll and talent to HR service delivery, and everything in between, UKG Pro® is the powerful HCM suite you need to drive truly people-focused results.

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