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UKG Pro Overview Product Tour

Designed using the UKG Life-work Technology™ approach that takes into account the entire individual, UKG Pro Talent inspires and empowers people to thrive both in their personal lives, and at work. By combining our impactful tools for ongoing development and advancement with powerful advanced artificial intelligence (AI), the UKG Pro Talent suite uncovers opportunities and provides suggestions to add value to people’s careers so they can thrive in all stages of their unique life-work journey.

Learn how UKG Pro Talent can help to motivate and retain your top talent:

  • Encourage employees and managers to hold regular, structured performance conversations and share transparent feedback throughout the year with ongoing performance management available on desktop or mobile devices.
  • Leverage unbiased people analytics to uncover the needs of your people and connect data points across their journey
  • Leverage learning solutions within Pro to invest in, nurture, and develop the talent that powers the success of your organization.
  • Assess employee readiness to step into key roles by creating succession plans within Pro Succession.