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UKG Great Place To Work Hub Product Tour

Create a culture of trust and belonging with UKG and Great Place To Work

Learn how UKG Great Place To Work® Hub can help you build a great workplace for all.

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UKG Pro Overview Product Tour

In a world where diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are business imperatives, reporting and compliance just doesn’t cut it.

You need better insight into how your organization is doing with their DEI&B efforts and how your existing policies and programs may be affecting the employee experience. 

UKG Great Place To Work Hub is the only solution that turns typical HR metrics into opportunities to build inclusive, equitable cultures by bringing together our research, your data, and your employees’ voices.

Because the only way to truly know if your employees feel like they belong is to ask them.

This product tour will show you how to:

  • Discover intersectional inclusion opportunities at each point in the employee lifecycle 
  • Gain access to an annual Great Place To Work Trust Index™ survey 
  • Uncover insights and benchmarks to real data from similar companies in your industry 
  • Get recommendations in the flow of work that encourage leaders and managers to best support and champion your people 
  • Receive curated guidance from Great Place To Work on creating positive change throughout your organization

Find out how UKG Great Place To Work Hub can positively impact your people and your business.