UKG Ready – Time & Attendance

Streamline time tracking with consistent, fair rules

Drive efficiencies by simplifying routine tasks and give your people real-time insights so they can make informed decisions to move your business forward. 

UKG Ready – Time and Attendance

All that’s included

Unrivaled flexibility to accommodate your specific business rules, automate routine tasks, and provide proactive insights that empower your people to address business issues quickly.

Streamlined timekeeping

Automate tracking of hours, time approvals, and time-off requests — plus receive proactive notifications for exceptions, missing punches, overtime, and more.

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Easy data collection

Accommodate all scenarios with the flexibility of capturing time on mobile, time clock, call in, and offline, making it easy for your people to clock in and out.

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Automated absence tracking

Streamline the tracking of leave and accruals with automated rules and workflows that consistently and accurately apply policies across your organization, ensuring fairness.

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Compliance management

Tailor pay rules to ensure federal, state, local, and business-specific policies are adhered to and provide an easy way to attest to those rules from a variety of data collection options.

Supply Chain Transformation for a Post-Pandemic World

"The time that managers spent on time-off approvals, tracking time off, and attendance issues has probably gone down 75%. Before, all that time was wasted on unproductive tasks."

Brian Zilo
SPHR, Senior Vice President of HR | Lipari Foods
UKG Ready
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Leverage the power of HR, talent, payroll, and time in a single solution to deliver a modern, personalized experience that increases efficiency and simplifies compliance.

UKG Ready
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