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State Compliance Guide on Labor Regulations
State Compliance Guide
Complying with state labor laws can be challenging, especially if you do business in multiple states. Learn six employment areas that may cause issues.
Maintaining your organization’s compliance with numerous rapidly changing laws requires a proactive strategy. You need to ensure that your business processes align with legal regulations, industry standards, and internal policies. This encompasses everything from hiring and onboarding to employee management, benefits administration, and workplace safety. And HR compliance is more important than ever given the recent increase in regulations put in place for organizations and higher risks for noncompliance.

In addition to the financial penalties associated with noncompliance, there are cultural risks as well, which is why being proactive rather than reactive to compliance requirements is essential to minimizing your organization’s risk level. At their core, workplace rules and regulations are put in place to keep people safe. But being compliant also helps organizations instill trust among their employees and create a workplace where they feel valued, safe, and heard — all elements that contribute to building a positive culture where people want to work.

To develop a proactive HR compliance strategy, you need the right technology to help you keep pace with changes in rules and regulations and in implementing these new processes. A modern human resource management solution will help you:

  • Become a compliance subject matter expert for your people 
  • Ask the right legal questions during processes such as hiring and onboarding 
  • Receive notifications of state and local requirements that are tailored to your organization 
  • Get proactive guidance through payroll processing to ensure taxes, garnishments, benefits, and more are considered
  • Make tracking complex processes such as leave of absence a breeze

HR compliance management — What should it include?

Reliable, accurate data is everything when it comes to complying with employment law. Without it, you’ll face complex, time-consuming manual processes to meet regulatory standards that can expose your company to risk when even the smallest errors are missed. That’s why it is so important to have the right technology in place to help you understand, monitor, and manage compliance so your people and business can thrive.

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Streamline Compliance Processes

Ensuring compliance fosters trust, enhances employee well-being, and drives organizational success. UKG's robust built-in rules help you adhere to critical employment laws and promptly notify you if errors occur. This is supported by access to a centralized, reliable data source, complete with the latest government forms, and automated ACA and absence management tools accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device.

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Stay Ahead of Emerging Standards

React promptly to the latest labor law changes, whether local or global, through consistent monitoring by UKG experts and timely updates to our solutions, enabling you to operate more efficiently.

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Build Strong Connections Through Compliance

Access the most recent DEI&B, company culture, and employer best practices in the same platform where you oversee regulatory compliance to help create more forward-thinking policies.

Benefits of a Modern HR Compliance Management Solution

Ensure the success of your people and your organization through compliance

According to Great Place To Work®, establishing a culture of trust has a direct impact on organizational success. High-trust organizations report 70% less stress, 106% more energy at work, and 50% higher productivity. This is proof of how especially important the work your HR team does to maintain compliance and the lasting impact it can have on your people and organization. A modern HR compliance management solution is key to staying compliant with labor laws and regulations, creating a fair and equitable workplace; developing and implementing policies and procedures quickly to ensure compliance with local and global laws, regulations, and industry standards; and proactively identifying potential areas of risk related to HR practices and implement strategies to address them.

Drive confidence through compliance agility

Proactively ensure compliance and navigate a changing regulatory landscape with a powerful HCM solution designed to drive success for your business.

FAQs about HR Compliance

HR compliance helps organizations maintain legal and ethical standards, minimize risk for their people and their organization, and foster a culture built on trust and safety.

  • Keeping Up with Compliance: Staying in compliance with labor laws and regulations, creating a fair and equitable workplace.
  • Risk Management: Regularly monitoring HR practices, proactively identifying potential areas of risk related to HR practices, and implementing strategies to minimize risk to ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  • Policy Development and Implementation: Developing and implementing policies and procedures ensures compliance with local and global laws, regulations, and industry standards.
  • Training: Providing employees and managers with access to training materials ensures awareness and understanding of new and existing compliance requirements and expectations at your organization.
  • Documentation and Data Retention: Maintaining accurate records, including employee files, training records, and compliance documentation.
  • Reporting and Communication: Provide compliance-related updates and how changes in laws may impact organizational processes to appropriate teams.

An essential tool for modern workplaces, human resource management software not only enhances efficiency, compliance, and the employee experience; it also acts as a sidekick when it comes to staying compliant by keeping you up to date on the latest laws and notifying you of potential compliance risk.

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State Compliance Guide on Labor Regulations
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Complying with labor laws can be more challenging if you do business in multiple states. Learn about six employment areas that can create compliance issues.

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