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AI in HR

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AI in the Modern Workplace
UKG presents an examination of the limitless potential of AI to make work life better, the hurdles facing its adoption, and the value it offers employers today.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere today — and it has the potential to transform how you support your people and how your organization operates. But to leverage it successfully for your business, it’s critical to understand how AI supports your role in HR, how it enhances the work experience for your employees, and most importantly, how to deploy it ethically and responsibly. 

Simply put, AI is the use of computers to do things that have traditionally required human intelligence. Its algorithms classify, analyze and form predictions from data, then learn from the new data created to improve over time. You use AI every day in devices like smart thermostats, speakers, and security cameras. When it comes to AI in HR, the possibilities go far beyond automating tasks. With the right combination of ethical artificial intelligence and data, you can simplify your day-to-day work, foster trust with your people, and transform the employee experience. AI in HR improves: 

  • Schedule optimization 
  • Statistical-based forecasting 
  • Retention prediction, flight risk, and fatigue 
  • Employee feedback and sentiment analysis 
  • Candidate matching 
  • Document classification 
  • Employee and manager guidance 
  • Team insights 
  • Culture benchmarks 
  • And more

AI in HR - What should it include?

Unlock employee potential with AI-driven culture benchmarks and guidance.

For AI in HR to be effective, you need an HCM solution that includes robust HR, payroll, workforce management, and workplace culture data. The quality and quantity of this data will uncover valuable insights about your employees, teams, and leaders to create better workplaces. 

For example, UKG technology, which is built on 30 years of insights from employees that sets the standard for what makes a great workplace, provides quick, practical advice to spot and correct inequities in employee demographics, pay, promotions, and overtime. Plus, our AI-powered solutions enable HR leaders and people managers to gauge their leadership effectiveness and make improvements through research and videos that explain how to create a high-trust work environment.

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Enhanced reporting

An AI-backed solution makes the complex simple. For example, HR technology with a comprehensive AI solution streamlines operational reporting and people analytics and simplifies how you interpret your data. It also makes searching and discovering relevant metrics easy and straightforward, freeing up your time to focus on strategic business decisions.


Recruiting support

Hiring top talent is critical to your organization’s success. With an AI-powered HCM solution, recruiters will save time sourcing better candidates, creating distinct job descriptions based on job title, functions, and skills, and building interview questions tailored to each specific role. You’ll also get valuable feedback on company hiring and onboarding processes.

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Intelligent search

The more you empower your employees and managers to act autonomously, the better. With an AI-backed HR solution that’s tailored to your specific organization, employees can find information faster: They can get answers to questions about onboarding, benefits, time, scheduling, the company handbook, and more through a responsive and conversational assistant.

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Performance self-reviews

When performance review season rolls around, it can be a stressful time for both employees and managers. But with an AI-backed solution, it doesn’t have to be that way. AI in HR technology can save your employees time by summarizing goals and peer feedback, writing high-quality consistent reviews, and generating holistic self-assesments.


A responsible and ethical foundation

The risks of AI — especially the newest innovations like generative AI — mean a responsible approach is critical to success, which is why AI in HR especially should follow an ethical code of conduct and values that keep people at the heart of the decision-making process and build trust by promoting fairness and inclusiveness, transparency and interpretability, and privacy and security.

The Benefits of AI in HR Technology

See how AI can become HR’s sidekick for workplace culture.

Trusted advisor by your side Employees, managers, HR teams, and people leaders need to make decisions every day related to their personal and work needs. Having HR technology infused with AI that sees the whole person and uncovers the moments that matter in their employee experience motivates your people to stay longer, helping reduce turnover by up to 50% at the best workplaces when paired with a high-trust culture strategy. A consistent and personalized experience for all your employees, no matter if they’re salaried, hourly, or hybrid during key moments in their employee journey, increases employee engagement. Enabling employees, managers, and HR professionals to converse with an AI assistant makes answers accessible to all, improving agility and providing a sense of support and wellbeing.

Discover our AI-powered suite of HR and workforce solutions

Unlock human potential and empower your employees with a powerful AI-backed HCM solution designed to drive success for your business.

FAQs about AI in HR

Creating a workplace culture where people grow and thrive starts by building trust. HR technology is one tool that nearly all employees use on a regular basis and is your workplace gateway where all people receive the same experience. Having responsible and ethical AI infused in your HR technology means your employees can find the resources they need quickly and accurately and simplifies performance self-reviews; for managers, AI enhances reporting, assists with job descriptions and interview guidance, offers smart practical insights to improve workplace culture, analyzes and offers recommendations on employee sentiment, and more. All these features support both the employee and the manager experience.

Organizations are starting to see how much workplace culture impacts employee experience and business outcomes, which makes the business case of building trust in the workplace matters even more important. AI in HR can offer business benefits such across business objectives such as:

  • Employee retention and acquisition
  • Innovation and productivity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Profitability

AI in HR plays a big role across the full spectrum of HR tasks. It spans across the entire employee experience from hire to retire and all the moments in between. Some of the most common areas you’ll find AI today are in:

  • Employee experiences
  • Compliance
  • Talent management & recruiting
  • Employee work preferences (e.g., scheduling)
  • People analytics

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AI in the Modern Workplace

UKG presents an examination of the limitless potential of AI to make work life better, the hurdles facing its adoption, and the value it offers employers today.

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